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Different Types of Signage and the Different Steps for Constucting and Installing Them

As part of creating quality signage, the first step should be identifying its desired location. Once this has been determined, designers can suggest which type would work best in that particular environment.

Dimensional letters are custom text and shapes designed to add depth, dimension, or depth perception to their designs. They can be cut, carved, or otherwise altered from solid materials to produce eye-catching signs with lasting impression.

Pole Signs

Anheim Signs in Orange County California, can provide professional pole signs that will make your business visible from highways and freeways, increasing revenue streams by raising visibility from road traffic from a distance. They can also serve to present multiple companies at once if you run a shopping center or department store in an active neighborhood.

Have you seen those large signs that notify drivers on major roadways of nearby gas stations, stores and restaurants? Typically mounted atop steel poles with customized cabinet signs attached, these freestanding signs attract travelers in search of gas, food or entertainment at gas stations or stores nearby - such as restaurants. With long-lasting durability and simple upkeep costs making these signage options wise choices for most businesses.

Signs come in various shapes, sizes and colors. You'll be sure to find something suitable to your needs here; whether that means displaying images or information you want on either side or both sides simultaneously depending on your requirements - from simple messages or company logos and website addresses for every side. Most pole signs feature channel poles (commonly known as fluted poles) made from metal that's been formed into channels to guide brackets into place more effectively preventing corrosion as well as being more cost-efficient than other sign options available options!

Channel Letters

Channel letters are an elegant way to enhance your business's branding. This type of signage consists of four main parts, which include the face, return and lighting element(s). When creating and installing channel letter signs it is vitally important that they comply with local codes. When working with licensed sign contractors it ensures the highest possible results for you!

Channel letter signage is not only an effective way of advertising your business; it is also used effectively at increasing shoppers' visibility in busy areas. Common uses for channel letter signs include malls, shopping centers and retail stores as well as lobbies or indoor spaces as an aid for people navigating your building and finding what they're searching for.

Back-lit signs produce a glow from within and give off an eye-catching halo effect, while front-lit ones use acrylic or aluminum faces with lighting that illuminates each letter frontwards. You could even create a combination sign utilizing both front and back-light illumination! We use high density LED sign lights for all our lighted signs.

Channel letters can also be attached to raceways, which are prefabricated boxes painted to complement your building's color scheme and offer businesses another cost-cutting method while minimising damage to walls. An alternative is a backer, which is a metal cabinet attached to walls which conceals wires and can access the neon sign lights for easy maintenance.

Monument Signs

Monument signs can often be constructed to complement the architectural style of their location, or other aesthetic elements in the landscape. If your business or industrial park features red brick architecture and you want your sign to resemble that feature, adding features like flowering shrubbery, rose bushes, lighting trees statues etc can make an effective visual statement.

Designing a monument sign requires special consideration and should be clear and easy for passersby to read, as well as including contrasting colors for words and background elements that are visible throughout the day. Doing this will ensure your sign remains highly visible to people passing by at all times of day.

Another essential decision in regards to monument signs is lighting. They can either be illuminated at night for better visibility, or left without illumination depending on your preferences and surroundings.

Monument signs can be made from various materials, including concrete, stone, wood and metal. Granite or other types of stones are often added to enhance their look. Depending on the nature of your business, adding digital LED screens could also help promote it 24/7 and draw more customers through your doors.

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs or pole signs, provide businesses with a distinctive way to draw attention to their brand. These large illuminated sign structures often include an electronic message center, making them ideal for drawing the eye of passersby in heavily traveled areas or creating an air of unity among multiple businesses in an area like a commercial center or business park.

Pylon signs offer many design choices to meet the needs of any company, from customizing with brick, metals, wood, plastic and lighting elements to special custom options such as computer generated letters or graphics for enhanced accuracy and visual appeal.

Pylon signs' high visibility makes them perfect for drawing the attention of passing motorists on nearby streets or highways, and helping businesses stand out among competitors in retail and industrial areas. Malls and industrial parks often utilize these types of signs to identify locations, names and owners of businesses as well as provide directions. Furthermore, pylon signs can also draw customers in by emphasizing specific features of products or services while still maintaining focus on quality offerings from competitors.

3d Letters

3D letters can be an excellent way to draw attention to your brand and give your business a more dignified, sophisticated aesthetic. Unfortunately, however, their design, construction, and installation can be complex tasks which require maximum concentration; any careless mistake could ruin the entire perspective. Therefore it is recommended that graphics programs such as Adobe Illustrator be used which assist with this aspect by providing automatic setting vanishing points.

Step one of three-dimensional word drawing should involve drawing your word in three dimensions and marking its position for the vanishing point. Next, connect each corner and edge of your word to this vanishing point by drawing lines between these points - shorten these lines as needed so you can determine how deep your word will be; add shadows and lights to complete your sketch.

This process may be lengthy, but will prove well worth your while in the end. To save some time you could also utilize the 3D Extrude and Bevel effect - though this option may speed things up but cause precision issues.

Dimensional letter signs are an excellent addition to any business, including restaurants, hospitals, offices, boutiques and others. Eye-catching yet durable dimensional letters from Anaheim Signs come equipped with spotlights or backlighting so they remain visible even at nighttime.

Electric Signs

Electric signs are an invaluable way to communicate your business's message in a unique and professional manner, acting as the heart of your brand and communicating its essence to target market customers. Beyond just communicating your company message, these customized electrical signs allow customers to easily locate stores or products. Customized electrical signs are great solutions for any company looking to stand out from competition while drawing new business.

Designing, fabricating and installing an electrical sign involves several steps. First of all, you will need to select which kind of sign you desire; each type comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Next step should be selecting a fabricator who can ensure your sign meets high-quality and safety requirements.

Final steps include installing and protecting the sign from damage. For instance, keep any electrical signs away from anything that might cause them to fall and overhead wires energized at over 750 volts.

Article 600 provides specific requirements for field installations of conductors, equipment, and field wiring systems used for electric signs and outline lighting systems. These specifications cover bonding/grounding connections as well as listing requirements. Anaheim Signs is a California State Licenced Sign Contractor, and can assist you in any sign project you may have. Contact rick@anaheimsigns.com for your next sign project.

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