Saturday, August 16, 2008

Experiance counts in the Sign Industry

There are a lot of sign companies around these days. With the advent of the computer, anyone can buy the sign software and hardware required to make signs. We also use these great tools to produce great looking business signs for our customers. We where producing commercail signs, concrete signs, business signs, pole signs, painted signs, building signs, and all custom signs when the industry was more specialized and more of a craft. Before there where computers to make our sign drawings and sign lettering precise, everything had to be done by hand. Any sign made pryor to the advent of the computer was designed by an artist, that sign rendering was taking and put on a paper pattern which had to drawn by hand. Then the pattern would be applied to metal material (or other sign material) and cut out to make a lighted channel letter. The neon had to be made to fit each letter, and each componant that was going to be used, had to be cut by hand. If are computers go down, Anaheim Signs can still produce a professional looking sign, because we have that foundation in the sign industry, Can your sign company offer that?