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Directional signage by Anaheim Signs-Orange County, is one of the most effective ways to enhance the customer experience

Most businesses have at least a couple items worth highlighting using directional signage. The hardest part about creating directionally-led advertisements is choosing which way to go since there are so many options.

The simplest thing to do is look at where customers are coming from, then work your way towards them.

If you need directions, this is the easiest way to provide them. If you have a visitors center with signs pointing in several directions, try going straight ahead instead of turning left or right.

This eliminates running down a checklist of things that could possibly be improved upon until someone comes into your office or shop asking questions. It will also lower their stress level by letting them know what route they should take if they want to get somewhere.

Getting back to the initial idea, looking at how people come to your place can help you create good direction for them. Are they likely to ask questions after hearing a new sound or seeing a new sight? Is there a sign that tells them where to find those who can answer their questions?

These are all great ways to lead them somewhere. Having some sort of indicator for directions gets around the problem of people not knowing how to use visual cues to figure out where to go.

Signage can be used to direct customers to different areas of a store

Enhance Customer Experience with Directional Signage

Store maps are obvious choices, but with mobile positioning technology it’s easier than ever to add directionality to your in-store signage.

Visually impaired individuals can also take advantage of directional signage to guide them through an area. For example, you could use arrows to indicate which way is best for walking or which entrance is the busiest (based on previous scans).

Directional signs can help guide customers from one area to another, helping them move more efficiently. This helps customers feel more oriented, focused, and able to pick up the pace.

This works better if there are fewer stops. Having only two options solutions results in everyone feeling like they have somewhere to go. The goal, therefore, should be that people don’t realize they’re going anywhere.

Conversational speech patterns can also reinforce this concept of direction and control. When we leave something important behind (e.g., kids’ schools, family events), we often say “now where did I put that?” Even when we aren’t explicitly thinking about lost items, we still tend to search for them after we ask a question such as ‘now where did I put that book?’

Directional signage can be used to promote different products

Enhance Customer Experience with Directional Signage

Unlike color-coded versions, directional signs can help customers in any area of your store find what they are looking for. Well-designed directionals even let people know how much certain items cost or guide them to areas of the store.

As shoppers spend more time in stores like yours, they are becoming increasingly aware of price points and product availability. By having helpful directionals, you will give customers a hand hold as well as make it easier for them to locate an item.

Many consumers don’t want to have to work very hard to get where they need to go. It takes away from their overall shopping experience if they have to think too much about every turn and corner they need to take. When shops are not organized easily, people are less likely to buy anything.

By adding useful directional signage to your store, you will entice customers to stay longer and enjoy all that your business has to offer. You will also save money by keeping visitors interested in learning more about your offerings. No one wants to stop at a store for being bored. A lot of effort goes into marketing to people rather than convincing them to purchase something.

Make use of color

Enhance Customer Experience with Directional Signage

Color can make an enormous difference to how appealing your directional signage is to the eyes. When used properly, it can help you achieve better visual perception and enhanced customer experience.

All too often, people fail to differentiate between uniformity and monotony. On one hand, color should be chosen for the most part consistently; otherwise the impact would not be significant.

On the other hand, using two or more colors in combination is what makes the design unique and stands out. Such usage creates contrast and obtains interest from viewers.

Contrast is a major factor when it comes to attention getting elements. If you want people to pay closer attention to something, then it needs to have sufficient contrast with everything else around it.

Thus, while keeping objects distinct is important, so is having enough contrast between them.

Make use of the difference in costs for printing

Enhance Customer Experience with Directional Signage

Another advantage of digital signage is its cost effectiveness. Business owners can achieve good returns by investing in this technology, especially when they update their signs few times a year.

According to a survey done in 2012, about 21% of companies with digital signage reported an annual budget between $1,000 and $5, 000. The average yearly expenditure was around $200 per sign.

Large businesses that need directional signage may have larger budgets. A study conducted in 2014 estimated the initial investment and maintenance requirements would be much higher if analog signage were used (i.e. costly proprietary systems or customized software).

Give visual cues

Enhance Customer Experience with Directional Signage

A simple way to enhance your customer experience is through directional signage. This type of signage gives access to certain areas of a store, like checkouts or dressing rooms. By adding more signage, you can increase visibility and exposure to customers.

The main reason people get lost in a store is because they don’t know what direction to take. Providing clear paths helps customers navigate the area more effectively.

However, not every space is suited for directional signage. If the path into the dead end of a hallway or storage area is very short, it may be difficult and expensive to install navigation systems. An easier solution is to use directional signage along common routes.

This allows consumers to easily find their way around the store, helping them spend less time getting acquainted with the layout and more time shopping.

Be consistent

Enhance Customer Experience with Directional Signage

Consistency is what creates brand recognition. When customers see signage that they recognize, they know something fun or interesting will happen.

If all of your directional signs are showing exit doors, but some are showing special offers, people may think there’s no connection between the two types of signs.

They will never understand how important consistency is to a business. You want everyone walking in the door understanding exactly where to go and what being presented with has nothing to do with it.

Branding is a huge part of this. Make sure you keep up the branding throughout the entire experience. Whether you have a restaurant, store, bar, theater show, etc…

Brand awareness causes consumers to understand what each individual item does, whether you use branded or non-branded products.

Consistency is key to customer loyalty. Check out some of our other articles below.

Make the signs easy to read

Enhance Customer Experience with Directional Signage

More and more customers today have access to digital media for education, entertainment, shopping, social communication and much more. This phenomenon has caused a significant shift in how people learn to communicate, think, work and play.

Digital technology allows for rapid information exchange and learning, especially through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Shoppers now can peruse online catalogs of products and find items that fit their needs. They can compare prices and select new purchases while standing outside in the cold (or hot) weather watching their ride get parked.

In fact, a study by Texas A&M University found that shopping indoors using a laptop is nearly as efficient as going inside to buy goods. But it’s significantly harder than finding things to do outdoors.

Efficiency issues arise due to large amounts of time being spent looking for keys, cards and bills. Also, many people start working with distractions like emails and chat rooms.

A similar study done by Stanford University looked at workers who were not regularly given directives to improve efficiency but nevertheless reported productivity gains. The researchers concluded that improving office procedures and processes is only part of the story.

More important is developing individuals’ skills of self-organization and motivation. These are tasks that help people be more effective and feel more empowered in the workplace.

Developing individuals’ skills of self-organization refers to helping people organize their thoughts and projects so they can

Make them visible

Enhance Customer Experience with Directional Signage

Visibility is one of the most important components in directionality. When people can’t see it, they don’t know what your directional system is or how to navigate it.

Visibility is about making things be noticeable. Even if you have great direction, it doesn’t mean much when people cannot see the signposts that tell them where something is.

When considering visibility, ask yourself whether there are any obstacles between users and the content. For example, let’s say you have great eye contact with your user group. You notice someone has low eye contact with the screen.

This means that although they can read text well, they are having trouble seeing images because their vision is obstructed. Or maybe they are experiencing poor contrast in the background colors. In this scenario, you would want to address the obstacles preventing them from achieving good visual clarity.

Another consideration for visibility is light quality. People generally prefer illuminated signage over night signage due to the increased visibilitry offered by illumination.

However, direct sunlight is detrimental to human health and creates extra expenses for maintenance of both types of signage. If you use direct lighting, ensure it’s at minimum 1% intensity. At maximum, it will damage your viewers’ eyesight. Anaheim Signs - Orange County Sign Company