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Outdoor Plaques Near Me

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outdoor plaques near me

Plaques provide an attractive and weatherproof way to honor people, recognize donors or dedicate a building. Plaques can be placed on doors, exterior and interior building walls or benches and display your message prominently.

Etched plaques use a chemical engraving process to produce text and design elements with raised surface areas, and generally take four weeks or more for production.


Metal plaques can be seen throughout cemeteries and museums as well as for business signage purposes. These weather proof signs provide an effective way to promote your company, show a diploma or award, commemorate an historic event or person, and more.

Solid bronze plaques are timeless classics, offering elegance and resilience for outdoor applications. We also provide etched aluminum, stainless steel and brass that each have their own distinct appearance and feel while all being resistant to the elements.

No matter if it’s to commemorate an employee or significant life event, or just need an easy to read directional sign for outdoor purposes – our skilled staff has you covered with an elegant plaque solution! Together we can customize one specifically tailored to meet your requirements.

If you prefer more classic designs, we offer photo relief plaques. This technique combines casting and photography into an elegant plaque that tells your story in style.

Giclee (zhee-clay) printing offers another solution if you desire full color on your plaque. This method uses UV-Cured non-elastic inks at up to 1200dpi resolution to directly print onto its surface – perfect if your application calls for full portraits but your budget prohibits bas-relief designs.

When traditional plaques don’t quite do it for you, we also specialize in intricate sculptures. From full figures to statues, we can help your vision come to life as a beautiful bronze plaque for any special event or milestone.

If your bronze or aluminum plaque is showing signs of wear-and-tear such as oxidation, discoloration or loss of detail- we offer rejuvenation services at 50% of the cost of replacing it. Typically costing 50% less than new plaques we will remove the old finish before providing fresh background coating as well as new raised copy with brushed satin satin surface texture – contact us for details and pricing!


No matter the occasion – be it public space dedication or individual memorialization with stone plaques – we can create an exquisite tribute that stands the test of time. Our outdoor plaques are constructed using high quality materials designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and environmental elements; additionally we can add personalized messages, pictures or details that make each plaque truly a personal tribute for your loved ones.

Decorative stone plaques can be an elegant way to welcome guests, mark building history and welcome visitors alike. We offer various stone options including granite and natural slate that will meet the requirements of any project. Our stone plaques can be engraved with raised or recessed copy with various border styles available, or our photo relief plaques combine casting and photography into telling an everlasting story through photographs.

Most of our stone plaques are stud mounted. We have used this tried and true mounting method for over 42 years to secure plaques to walls. To do this, the back of each plaque is tapped and drilled to accept a threaded stud that’s screwed into place – hardware for which is taped onto the packing material included with your order. Alternatively, flush mount anodized aluminum options are also available as anodized aluminum options come with flush mounting hardware attached directly into it. We offer many more mounting solutions if necessary so please feel free to reach out if any type of plaque is best suited to you or someone you know.


Outdoor plaques mounted on stakes are ideal for locations where it may be desired to move the plaque from time to time, such as garden dedications and tree memorials, without it needing to remain permanently in one spot. Our cast aluminum stake mounted plaques feature an elegant raised double border and recessed area suitable for custom engraving of outdoor signage inserts – plus they come complete with 24″ aluminum stakes!

Metal Designs offers bronze and cast aluminum plaques which can be mounted to stakes for easy dedication of park benches, trees and garden areas in memory of loved ones or to honor someone for their contributions to society. Metal Designs’ stake-mounted plaques make an ideal way to recognize an individual or an organization for their hard work or contributions made toward society or organization.

A stake is a stick with one end pointed upward that can be driven into the ground as a marker or part of a fence for marking, fencing, or supporting plants and flowers. A stake can also refer to an execution post used as Joan of Arc was bound; alternatively it can refer to any risky venture such as betting on football games; betting against someone or investing money into any event such as that one might call “staking out on.” Our outdoor plaques have been engineered to endure all climates and climate conditions with ease while staying durable designs made to last through any climate conditions while our outdoor plaques boast exceptional longevity!


Metal plaques with etched/engraved art can be an effective way to draw the public’s eye towards your business or building. Highly durable and offering various colors options, metal plaques are highly popular options when it comes to public art installations or honoring someone special or an event; additionally, they make great directional signs in public areas and memorial grave markers thanks to their long lasting durability.

Etching creates a subtle contrast between the words or artwork engraved into metal and its background surface, adding depth and beauty to your finished product. Engraved metal also comes in different thicknesses so you can find one to suit both your project needs and budget.

Personalizing a plaque has never been easier! Select from an extensive array of backgrounds, text styles and fonts, border options and border finishes – such as brushed, polished, natural patina and oxidized finishes – as well as customized colors of letters to find something to match any unique theme or style you have in mind.

Custom photo engraved memorial plaques can also be created as gifts or to recognize donors, available in granite, marble and wood materials for optimal effect. Each material offers different textures that add depth and visual interest to the plaque itself; you can even select special borders to highlight engraving or text borders to suit your design preferences. If you require assistance or guidance with designing the plaque itself, a Hedberg Home customer service representative is on hand to provide free quote estimates and mockup designs of your plaque design.

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Illuminated Neon Channel Letter Signs

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Illuminated channel letter signs are an excellent way to attract attention at night for businesses that wish to project an image of prestige and professionalism.

These signs typically feature aluminum returns and sides with acrylic faces for front or back illumination, and were traditionally illuminated using internal neon bulbs; nowadays however, most are illuminated using LED technology which is better for the environment while using less energy than neon.

Energy Efficiency

LED-illuminated neon signs are an effective way to draw customers in to your business. Their energy-saving capabilities make them more environmentally-friendly; plus they last longer and produce brighter illumination compared to neon tubes – saving on replacement costs in the long run.

Neon signs are becoming less nostalgic with age, yet have an ever-increasing number of nostalgic charms attached. But fortunately, LED neon signage has come a long way over recent years, becoming increasingly cost-effective when replacing existing signs with LEDs. Plus, its benefits extend even further if upgraded with backlit or halo style lights!

LEDs are also safer than neon, as they do not produce as much heat, which could be potentially dangerous if placed near flammable materials. Plus, their maintenance costs are less as they use less electricity and require fewer bulbs. Plus, their breakages tend to be less frequent – meaning you won’t need costly repairs or replacements!

LEDs also boast the benefit of being more energy efficient than neon signs, resulting in significant savings on electricity bills. LED neon lights can save up to 80% in energy use compared to their counterparts – making them an excellent choice for businesses seeking to reduce energy consumption and decrease operating costs.

Illuminated channel letter signs are an eye-catching way to draw in customers, helping your business stand out from the competition. Commonly seen on storefronts or shopping malls, illuminated channel letter signs can easily be viewed from far distances – they’re an excellent choice for drawing attention during special events and holidays!

Are You Wondering Which Illuminated Channel Letter Sign Is Right For My Company? Neon may be an attractive option, but before making your final choice it’s essential that you understand all your options before making your final choice. In this article we discuss various illuminated channel letter signs as well as their key features.


Channel letters are illuminated 3D sign elements that help your business remain highly visible and identifiable day and night. Commonly constructed from metal, acrylic or aluminum materials, channel letters can be designed with front lighting for an eye-catching halo effect, back lighting for silhouette appearance or reverse-lighting for dramatic shadowing effects – depending on whether they use LED or neon lighting techniques – to display brand names, logos and essential information to potential customers. Their sizes and heights depend on your size of business as well as local sign code regulations and permits required by cities (which usually apply when placing LED signs).

Illuminated channel letter signage is built to last and requires minimal upkeep, making them an excellent solution for commercial properties that want to project a professional image. Plus, these signs are more cost-effective than traditional neon lighted signs as fonts, colors and visual elements can be updated without having to buy an entirely new set of signs.

No matter the look you are going for, whether classic or contemporary, channel letter signage offers plenty of choices for you. Choose between various styles, fonts, colors and lighting effects so you can tailor it perfectly to the look and feel of your business. Furthermore, LED lights in channel letter signage use less power than traditional neon tubes, making it more energy efficient while lasting longer.

LED neon channel letters offer several advantages over their neon counterparts, such as durability and repairability. Furthermore, these LED letters are more resistant to harsh weather conditions like snowfall, raindrops and temperature extremes than their neon counterparts; making them an ideal solution for businesses operating in cold regions or concerned about environmental impact on their operations.

While channel letter signage featuring neon is still possible, LEDs have become much more prevalent due to their superior brightness, durability and longevity. Furthermore, LEDs use 5-10 times less power than neon, helping lower electricity bills significantly while being flexible enough to conform to any storefront shape or contours.


The lifespan of illuminated channel letter signs depends on several factors, including materials used and where they’re situated. A sign located near a beach may be exposed to salt air which hastens material deterioration while direct sunlight damages colors over time and eventually fades them. Furthermore, weather can have an effect as well; cold temperatures can crack illumination systems while high temperatures drain energy from LED bulbs.

Premium LED modules can extend the lifespan of channel letter signs significantly by increasing their durability and energy efficiency compared with standard ones. Not only do these LED modules last longer and withstand impacts better, they are also more cost-efficient – leading to considerable electricity cost savings for business owners.

LED signs also outlast neon, which fades over time and requires expensive transformers to operate. LEDs’ long lifespan saves businesses on maintenance and repair costs; all this makes LEDs an excellent option for businesses that wish to increase brand visibility while increasing bottom line profit margins.

Neon signs remain popular, yet LED technology has opened up numerous options as an efficient and less energy intensive replacement option. LEDs use approximately eight times less electricity, helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint with significant cost savings on electric bills.

LEDs also offer another advantage by being easily programmed to display various colors, which allows businesses to update their logo without replacing their entire sign. This versatility is particularly useful for smaller businesses that must refresh their image regularly in order to attract new customers.

Illuminated channel letters come in all forms – front lit, back lit or even open faced for a halo effect – that can be mounted directly to raceway or walls of buildings. Front-lit signs are the most popular type, designed to illuminate their face – typically made of clear or colored acrylic with front illumination from within; other options include back lighting for silhouette effects or open faced with neon visible from both sides.


Channel letter signs are one of the most striking commercial signage options. Constructed of three dimensional letters illuminated internally with LED bulbs, channel letter signs can be customized to suit the business brand. Available in various shapes, sizes, fonts, and colors – channel letter signs offer businesses an effective way to stand out from competitors – in fact according to a FedEx Office study, 76% of people said they entered stores because of an attractive retail sign.

Fonts and colors chosen for signs reflect a company brand. Furthermore, these signs must also be legible from a distance in order for people to read them in various lighting conditions and weather.

LED neon signs are increasingly popular with businesses looking to reduce electricity costs and enhance brand recognition. LED lighting comes in an assortment of colors and uses less power than neon tubing; making these lights brighter and more energy efficient than other signs available on the market. Customization options also exist with regard to backer panels – paint any shade to give your neon sign its unique appearance!

Another way of personalizing a led neon sign is selecting the font and size of its letters, which will affect its length and whether people can see it from far away. Furthermore, any local regulations regarding sign size should be taken into consideration as this could alter its overall design.

There are various kinds of channel letter signs available, including front lit and reverse lit signs. Front-lit channel letters feature aluminum returns with acrylic faces illuminated by LED’s while reverse-lit signs have similar characteristics but feature clear acrylic backlighting that creates a halo effect when illuminated from behind.

Front lit channel letters are one of the most popular types of channel letter signs, featuring a metal sign backer with an acrylic face illuminated by LED’s. The backside can be finished either in standard acrylic or high performance vinyl and digitally printed for customized looks; both options can also be digitally printed to add customized looks. In order to soften lighting and create more natural appearances. These signs can either be mounted directly to buildings or using raceways if required by city ordinances.

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Choosing the Right LED Lights For Channel Letters

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led lights for channel letters

Channel letters can be an effective way of drawing customers in, drawing attention and increasing business awareness. But finding the ideal led lights for your channel letters may prove challenging.

Most internally illuminated channel signs use LED lighting, providing significant energy cost savings and energy efficiencies. LEDs can be used for halo, face and combo illumination purposes.


Are You Searching for Bold, Attention-Grabbing Signage Solutions for Your Business? Consider LED channel letters. Constructed of metal or plastic and illuminated by LED lights, these signs make an eye-catching statement in restaurants, bars, gyms and retail stores alike. Available in various shapes and sizes to meet the needs of different environments while using less electricity than traditional neon bulbs – meaning savings on monthly utility bills!

LED channel letters offer many benefits over their rivals in terms of durability. Crafted with quality materials that withstand adverse weather conditions such as heat, snowfall, rain and wind; as well as protective coatings against scratches or environmental factors – LED channel letters are built to last.

Consideration should also be given to its location and environmental conditions when considering durability of signs. A sign situated by the sea will be exposed to salty air that accelerates deterioration of materials while direct sunlight may damage LED lighting causing it to flicker and even fail altogether.

Consider also which LED will be used in your sign. Many manufacturers provide different kinds of LEDs that meet your business goals and needs; select an LED with high lumen output as this will allow it to shine brightly and attract more customers.

If you want a long-lasting sign without much maintenance, choose one made from stainless steel and polycarbonate materials. They will withstand heavy traffic and weather conditions while still looking their best over time – plus, these surfaces are easy to keep clean while being scratch and stain-resistant!

Routed acrylic signs with detachable studs and brushed aluminum finishes are another great option, creating a halo effect when installed several inches away from walls – as their LED’s reflect off their surfaces, producing a stunning display. Though often more costly options, these ones make the investment worth its while.

Energy Efficiency

Illuminated channel letters offer businesses that prioritize energy conservation a long-term investment with minimal maintenance expenses and energy use costs, making them more economical for companies seeking to reduce carbon footprint.

These signs come in all shapes, sizes and fonts to perfectly represent your company branding. Easy to read even during daylight hours, they offer a distinct appearance for your business and can also be personalized according to brand color, lighting method and mounting method.

Retail stores, shopping malls and big-name brands across the nation utilize eye-catching signs to entice passersby and customers, increasing foot traffic and sales. Furthermore, these signs provide an effective means of advertising new services or products offered by your business.

LED channel letter signs come with many options for illumination: back-lighting (where their backs remain open to create an interesting glow while their fronts are sealed off with aluminum), front lighting with modern LED technology or both (using stainless-steel backplate and acrylic front). They’re also equipped with translucent backing which lets in 85-95 percent of light transmission for improved visibility from distance.

LED channel letters are becoming increasingly energy efficient over time, which explains their popularity today. Their smaller transformer means savings you’ll see on your utility bill; and with proper care and maintenance they should continue shining for many years after being installed on storefront signs – making an LED sign an investment with long-term financial returns! LEDs will help your company stand out in a busy and competitive market and attract more customers into your storefront signage system.


Channel letter signs are among the most striking forms of signage available, drawing in even passersby who might otherwise go unnoticed. They’re popular choices among businesses looking to stand out at night; however, illuminated channel letter signs require extra care when cleaning their faces in order to extend their lifespan and remain as brightly illuminated as possible. In order to prolong its longevity and ensure maximum brightness from its illumination source. To extend their longevity further, use gentle cleaning products when wiping their surfaces to prolong its lifetime and protect the acrylic surface.

LED lighting is a popular choice for illuminated channel letters as it is both durable and energy efficient. Their long lifespan equates to reduced replacement needs compared with other forms of signage – leading to savings both on your electricity bill and maintenance appointments for your sign.

When selecting LED lighting for a channel letter sign, it is crucial to take into account both its color rendering index (CRI) and color temperature of light source. These factors will determine both how well your sign looks as well as its effects on the environment; for instance, low CRI indicates yellow/red lights while high CRI can indicate blue/white ones.

Selecting LED lighting for channel letters can have an effect on how much power they consume, so it is essential that you find a balance between how much light is necessary and their power usage. To maximize energy efficiency in your sign, install a power management system or power conditioner which regulates current flow to prevent your lights from overheating.

LED lights make an excellent choice for illuminated channel letters, as they come with multiple color options that can be customized to any sign’s design and configuration. Plus, their cost efficiency provides greater return on investment for businesses.


A channel letter’s lifespan depends on several factors, including their location, materials used and maintenance received. When properly maintained, illuminated channel letter signs can last 5-10 years or more with LED illumination consuming less energy while providing safer illumination than neon lighting.

Illuminated channels have quickly become a top choice in modern signage, as they can be designed to complement any logo or font style. Not only are illuminated channels stylish and energy efficient, their LEDs do not contain mercury or lead; furthermore they offer greater versatility than traditional signs by changing to match seasons or events more easily than can traditional signs.

LED systems are the go-to technology for back-illuminated channel letters due to their lower labor costs and energy consumption, but there are many front-illuminated channel letter options as well, including color-changing LED systems which change colors slowly over time to draw people’s attention and draw their eyes inward. These signs are ideal for businesses wanting to add an eye-catching display in front of their storefronts.

Another fantastic choice is a contoured LED channel sign, which can be tailored to accommodate any letterstyle or logo. These signs make a statement and set businesses apart from competitors; durable enough to endure weather elements without being compromised by harsh UV rays.

Front-lit channel letters can also help draw customers’ attention. Highly visible during both day and night, these signs are easily installed both indoors and outdoors and can be tailored to any brand. These signs are popularly used by restaurants, banks and other businesses – especially restaurants – to attract new customers and increase sales; in fact, according to US Small Business Administration reports that electronic message centers have proven themselves effective at doing just this by increasing store sales by 15-150% while simultaneously decreasing advertising costs; an excellent investment.

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Channel Letters For Sale

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channel letters for sale

Channel letter signs are an ideal choice for businesses that wish to make an immediate and dramatic statement about themselves and are commonly integrated into larger signage strategies for storefront entrances, office buildings and commercial and public facilities.

Pricing for channel letter signs varies based on lighting and mounting options, which will ultimately dictate their price. Below we discuss some of the main elements affecting their cost.


Channel letter signage can help increase business visibility while simultaneously conveying the aesthetics and values of your brand. From salons and gyms to retail stores and restaurants, channel letter signs offer numerous customization options depending on your branding needs; whether that means illumination options and style choices as well as color palettes, font styles or sizes – whatever it may be!

Custom channel letters offer unparalleled versatility among professional business signs. While other signage styles typically limit design possibilities and customization to certain levels, custom channel letters provide you with complete freedom in crafting the look that perfectly encapsulates your branding, culture, and ethos.

Step one in designing your ideal channel letter sign involves selecting font size, style, and color options. Next comes considering other components like its trim cap, aluminum returns, and back – trim cap being an attached component that wraps around its sides; returns and back consist of aluminum sheeting which are then bent using computerized machines before being assembled together to form your character on sign.

If you want a front lit channel letter, the last step will be installing LED strip lights inside its channels – this will cause its face to glow when illuminated. However, for reverse lit or open channel letters made of aluminum in front and transparent acrylic at the back will be an alternative approach.

No matter the sign type you select, one of the biggest advantages of professional business signage is its visibility both night and day – meaning new customers will come flocking in no matter what time or season it is! This feature makes this type of professional business signage especially valuable for beauty salons, yoga studios, restaurants and other businesses who rely heavily on evening and night traffic as a source of customers.


Channel letters offer your business an eye-catching sign and set it apart from others on storefronts. With customizable lighting and three-dimensional reach for improved readability, channel letters come in various sizes to fit into tight storefront spaces and signage restrictions – and feature different lighting options both indoors and outdoors for indoor/outdoor usage.

They’re durable too, withstanding high winds and changing weather conditions and making them an excellent choice for year-round businesses. Plus, their attractiveness makes an effective marketing tool, drawing new customers in while expanding your sales revenue.

Costs associated with channel letter signs depend on several factors, including design preferences, lighting requirements and mounting options. A 14″ tall sign made up of 10 letters using single color typically ranges between $150-$300 on average; adding your logo may increase this cost further.

A computerized router cuts out an acrylic face for use on front-lit channel letter signs, then secures it to its trim cap through vacuum forming or embossing, in order to reduce wind breakage and vibrations. Letters are then assembled with LED strip lights installed inside their individual enclosures known as “letter cans.”

Back lit channel letters feature their trademark halo appearance, giving them their distinct purpose of advertising your company, storefront or brand message. Made of aluminum for durability and weather resistance, back-lit letters can easily be read under all weather and lighting conditions.

Dual lit channel letters combine the advantages of front and back lit signs to advertise store products or services such as bagels, pharmaceutical products or pizza delivery services. You can custom design dual lit letters to fit your brand colors as they’re extremely cost efficient compared to other illuminated signs.

Low Maintenance

Channel letters are an effective way to attract customer interest and generate new business. Customized to fit the specifics of your company and illuminated for greater impact at night, channel letters can also serve to highlight specific products or services your company provides – not to mention being cost-effective! Channel letters have quickly become one of the most sought-after signs among businesses due to their versatility and cost effectiveness – they’ve even outlasted previous fads like banner ads! Channel letters will likely remain popular business tools as long as you need durable signs made specifically for this purpose!

Channel letters are highly convenient in terms of maintenance. Constructed with durable materials that withstand all forms of weather and the elements, they can easily be cleaned and replaced as necessary, making them suitable for storefronts, strip malls, and other commercial buildings. Plus, their visible presence draws more customers in.

There are various styles of channel letters available, such as front lit, back lit and halo-lit letters. Front and back lit channels use LED modules for illumination while halo-lit letters illuminate from the front for an eye-catching appearance. Channel letters have become extremely popular among businesses in New York City due to their superior visibility day or night.

Channel letters can be customized in terms of size, font and color to meet any business need. They’re easily created into any shape you can think of to promote brand recognition – making channel letters one of the most eye-catching forms of signage available and perfect for businesses of any type!

Price for channel letter signs depends heavily on their lighting and mounting options, such as front lighting. In general, front illumination costs more than back illumination or non-illuminated signs; flush, raceway and wireway mounting will have similar ramifications on overall costs. No matter your budget constraints, investing in high quality signs always provides greater value than less durable options.


Channel letter signs are one of the most cost-effective methods of publicizing your company name and logo. Offering high visibility during daylight hours and contrast at night, channel letter signs come with various font options to create an eye-catching brand identity for any venue such as strip malls, downtown storefronts or office buildings.

Illuminated channel letter signs are essential for businesses that wish to remain visible at night, providing them with a sleek, modern appearance that draws passersby in and draws potential customers in your shop or restaurant. Their pricing depends on various factors including lighting type and mounting options as well as materials used. Aluminum body channels reduce costs without compromising quality while remaining noncorrosive over time while other metals such as stainless steel may increase cost but offer longer-term reliability.

Channel letters are constructed of acrylic or lexan material, which is both durable and attractive. With computer-aided bending machines, they can be shaped into any character desired using computer-aided bending, with various standard primary colors as well as PMS or custom shades available. In order to give depth to the letters they light up using LED lights – typically standard or halo bulbs depending on preference – which are mounted behind their return.

Back of letters can be made of metal or acrylic and illuminated by either standard or halo LEDs, connected by threaded nuts to the letter and held together by trim caps that serve both functional and visual purposes. They can be installed against building facades or into raceways (a box containing electrical wiring to which letters are connected) for easy mounting or placement into raceways containing electrical wiring systems that attach letters together.

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Channel Letter Signs Near Me

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channel letter signs near me

Channel letter signs are an increasingly popular choice for storefronts, shopping centers and commercial office buildings. Fabricated using individual cut metal letters, symbols and elements secured to a raceway or mounted directly to the building itself, channel letter signs create an eye-catching three-dimensional appearance that stands out among its surroundings.

Illuminated signs make it easy for potential customers to recognize your business day or night, making this type of signage essential. Here are a few key things to keep in mind when selecting this type of sign:


Channel letter signs are among the most sought-after storefront signage options, as they’re comprised of individual elements cut and bent to form letters, numbers, or even images. Once completed, these elements can be aligned or mounted directly to a building facade for mounting. They feature an acrylic topcoat finish to increase durability while adding custom appeal. With easy maintenance required and 24/7/365 visibility guaranteed with these signs’ versatility comes peace of mind for store owners and tenants.

Channel letters come in both front-lit and back-lit varieties, or can be lit from both directions simultaneously. Front-lit channels feature the lighting installed directly onto their faces for an eye-catching neon look while also being more energy efficient than traditional signage. Back-lit channel letters utilize separate lighting boxes located behind their signs that creates an ambient glow around it; these types are sometimes known as “halo-lit”.

Dimensional letter signs offer all of the same advantages of channel letters without illumination inside, making them suitable for lobbies, retail stores, malls, offices and manufacturing areas. Indoors or out they come in various fonts sizes colors styles to capture customer attention for your brand and get noticed – plus these weather-resistant signs can withstand extreme temperatures high winds and torrential rain! These factors make them the ideal option for businesses in harsh environments and climates.


Channel letter signs are among the most eye-catching forms of commercial signage available, drawing customer attention even in poor weather and dark evening conditions. You can design these signs to meet the unique needs of your business and brand with ease.

LED lighting is often the go-to method of illumination for channel letters; they may also incorporate neon for added appeal and passerby attraction.

Lighted channel letters can often be found in shopping malls, strip malls, and downtown storefronts. These efficient commercial signs offer an effective yet cost-efficient form of advertising tailored specifically for your company’s image, location and industry. Customers often notice these commercial signs first when discovering your brand; these commercial signs help establish customer identity and establish loyalty among consumers.

Signs offer businesses and organizations the chance to stand out from their competition with customized name, logo or hand-formed images and fonts that make their sign truly eye-catching. Ideal for nightclubs, theaters, restaurants, coffee shops comedy clubs convenience stores or gas stations.

When choosing the type of sign that best meets your needs, take into account your company logo and brand colors as well as font size and style choices that affect its visibility – thin fonts with scripts can reduce readability while bolder fonts with proper spacing (known as kerning) can increase it. Furthermore, backlit signs offer greater visibility than front lit ones; therefore if maximum exposure is your goal consider this option.


As you drive down any street in your area, chances are that you will pass multiple businesses displaying channel letter signage. These three-dimensional letters with illuminated surfaces usually stand out and increase visibility – they can be found both inside and outside buildings in many industries such as restaurants, hospitals, auto shops and schools. Not only are channel letter signs eye-catching and attention-grabbing; they can also give businesses a premium appearance that increases customer trustworthiness and purchase from them.

Illuminated channel letter signage comes in many colors, shapes and sizes – some LED-powered options help save on energy costs while neon adds classic appeal and can draw more eyeballs to your sign. A professional sign company should be able to advise which illumination type would work best with your brand or business.

Backlit signs are a popular choice, illuminated from behind with an open face to allow the light to shine through, making it suitable for retail environments such as strip malls and shopping centers. You may also consider front-lit channel letters which use LED illumination from their Lexan faces to transmit light directly and are ideal for outdoor use as it ensures long distance visibility day and night.

Cabinet signs provide another solution that’s ideal for businesses who wish to increase visibility without spending the additional funds on illuminated signs. They’re discreet from outside view while still increasing exposure.


Channel letter signs can be an effective way of drawing in new customers and building brand recognition for retail stores, grocery stores, restaurants and other businesses looking to increase brand recognition. Used as storefront or pole signs they provide cost-effective way of drawing attention while remaining illuminated if necessary.

Channel letter signs are ideal for businesses that operate at night or when passersby may not notice other forms of signage. Channel letter signs also make great additions for restaurants, theaters, bars and coffee shops that cater to a younger crowd.

These signs are created using metal elements cut and formed individually before being mounted to a raceway – a mounting structure housing fasteners and wiring for lights – for hanging. You can mount them directly to a wall, freestand on a pedestal, and customize with colors, logos and graphics that help set you apart from competitors.

One of the key aspects to keep in mind when selecting a channel letter sign is size. You should ensure it’s large enough to be easily legible from a distance – a good rule of thumb would be 10 feet per inch of letter height. Furthermore, make sure it features bold font type with plenty of space between letters for optimal readability.

Another consideration when creating signage is its durability. Materials used and its surroundings play a big part here, along with your individual expectations for how long it should last.


Channel letter signs have long been a go-to tool for businesses and organizations of all kinds, drawing passersby in with their eye-catching displays that grab passersby’s attention and create the impression that customers are welcome inside to explore your offerings. They’re particularly popular among restaurants, shopping centers, malls, offices and offices – they’re even custom built in different colors and sizes with various lighting options including halo lit backlit frontlit or combination of both lighting options!

Signs typically take the form of cabinet signs to provide optimal illumination, made up of aluminum frames to prevent rusting and acrylic faces that allow light to shine through. They can either be mounted directly to a wall or placed on a raceway mount. A raceway mount holds all of the internal wiring, power supply, and storage capacity necessary for operation of a sign, often painted to match wall colors, sheen levels, and textures.

Dependent upon your business needs, font and spacing options such as kerning can vary widely. Thin font types and scripts will reduce readability; bolder letters would provide increased readability. You could also opt for deeper sign depth to increase visibility.

Consider who will be passing by when choosing the location for your sign. The more people you’d like to reach with it, the larger its sign should be to ensure maximum readability. In addition, take note of weather and temperature conditions near where your sign will be installed – harsh environments may damage it more quickly without proper protection.

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5 Types of One Day Signs for Anaheim California

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Sign Company Orange County - Anaheim Signs - Contractor 490521 - Sign Company Orange County - Anaheim Signs - Contractor 490521

one day signs anaheim

Anaheim, California is home to many notable tourist attractions and businesses, including being home of both the Los Angeles Angels baseball team and Anaheim Ducks ice hockey club.

One Day Signs Anaheim offers products to help business owners stand out from their competition, with digital graphics and vinyl banners as specialties. Their Warehouse of Contemporary Art (WOCA) houses art created using pop culture icons printed first digitally then hand-painted by artist.

Commercial vinyl signs

Commercial vinyl signs are versatile marketing tools that can serve multiple functions. From advertising business services or wayfinding, these signs offer effective and cost-efficient options that stand out. Furthermore, their resilience makes them ideal for businesses that wish to make their message known – plus they can even be tailored specifically to your company needs!

Lightweight and portable signs made from these lightweight yet sturdy materials come in a range of finishes, thicknesses (thicknesses) and colors – and are easy to cut and shape easily into complex curves without cracking or splitting. Not only that – their material resists fading well with durable inks for printing! Plus they offer more accuracy than hand painted signs without the harmful volatile organic compounds contained within.

Signs that use translucent vinyl allow a small amount of light through, creating an illuminating effect. Metallic vinyl may also be used for an upscale appearance. Other options for vinyl signage include phototex and brightline; phototex offers cost-effective reusable graphics without leaving sticky residue when removed quickly from its fabric material backing.

Cut vinyl lettering is an attractive and professional way to present your brand message. It can be applied to various surfaces – cars, boats, home decor and wall lettering are just some of the applications – with its customizability extending to logos, numbers and graphics to convey an individualized message about your business. Plus it stands up well against dust, dirt and moisture for superior protection in high traffic environments.

Post and panel signs

Post and panel signs offer a cost-effective signage solution with major impact. Ranging in size and specification options, typically the panels can be printed on both sides so they remain visible from multiple directions – they even come in various finishes to meet any branding goals!

Construction companies and real estate managers use this type of signage to communicate key details about ongoing projects, properties for sale or advertisements. Made of durable materials that can withstand adverse weather and pollution conditions, these signs are more cost-effective than monument signs while helping increase brand visibility.

These signs can be made out of various materials, including aluminum, dibond and foam-core signs. Aluminum and dibond signs are weatherproof and lightweight materials; both rust-proof and custom painted options. Foam-core signs are another popular choice that can be routed for an antique wooden effect or made to mimic stucco finishes. MDO or medium density overlay foam is another economical choice that’s also durable enough for long-term use.

Alongside traditional business signs, you could also install digital displays and awnings into your shop to expand consumer reach and promote products or services more engagingly. A digital display makes your company appear more professional to potential customers; an awning adds aesthetics while shielding patrons from direct sunlight; all three strategies provide effective and affordable ways to grow business while increasing brand recognition.

Lighted sign letters

Illuminated sign letters provide more visibility at night and have an upscale appearance than non-illuminated signage, with various sizes and shapes to match your company image. They’re usually attached to walls indoors or outdoors for easy attachment and are created through CNC etching processes as part of multi-step processings; however, fabrication costs tend to be more expensive than standard channel letter signs.

There are three primary types of illuminated sign letters. The first kind projects light through the front of letters to create an easily readable sign that stands out against its backdrop. A back-lit sign illuminates letters from behind for a soft glow around each letter that works particularly well on lighter-colored buildings.

Illuminated sign letters can help your business stand out and draw in potential customers, drawing their eye. A popular choice, these illuminated sign letters require less energy and maintenance costs compared to other types of signage and last longer in harsh climates than other signs. One Day Signs offers illuminated aluminum signs which can be custom tailored to suit the specific needs of any company.

Mural signs

Mural signs are an effective way to create an eye-catching and memorable decor in any business environment. With large scale digitally printed and hand painted sign designs available for both interior and exterior applications, mural signs offer a visual statement. Our experienced representatives at Studio 3 Signs can assist with selecting the appropriate graphic material based on your unique business needs.

Murals are ideal for coffee shops because they add an eye-catching and photogenic element that draws customers in. Furthermore, murals serve as an affordable marketing tool that can increase average ticket and brand visibility; plus they can even include your company name, logo, phone number and any relevant details that support staff and customers.

Post and panel signs are ideal solutions for theatres, restaurants, convenience stores, cafes and nightclubs that need their services visible at all times of day. Their installation process is quick and they can easily display content such as images, slogans or products/services that the business provides – making these signs the ideal way to increase brand recognition throughout their operations.

Banners are an efficient and cost-effective marketing tool that can quickly deliver your message. Made from 13oz matte banner material, banners typically come hemmed and grommeted unless specified otherwise – an affordable yet efficient way to reach potential clients quickly! They’re great for trade shows and community events.


Awnings are versatile marketing tools that are an asset to all types of businesses. They help attract customers by displaying your logo, slogan, products and services; as well as enhance the ambiance in any space by adding color and design elements. Awnings come in all colors, sizes and shapes for convenient placement over doors, windows or entranceways.

One Day Signs Anaheim can help. Their experienced team of sign designers and installers are there to create cohesive brand identities that stand out. Furthermore, they will recommend materials, sizes, and placement for your signage elements in order to maximize their impact.

Commercial vinyl signs provide an economical solution to promote your business to potential customers. Constructed from durable substrates, they can be tailored to feature virtually any content imaginable. Many businesses opt for basic contact details, like their address and phone number. Others take a more creative approach by adding images, product details, or even digital messages into the design. Retractable banner stands are an ideal solution for small businesses and can be particularly helpful for stores, restaurants, coffee shops, convenience stores and gas stations. Not only can they be used indoors or outdoors as needed; they are easily movable too! Easy installation means they can also be fastened onto various surfaces such as building walls, windows and floors – ideal!

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LED Channel Sign Enhance Your Storefront and Save on Operating Costs

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Sign Company Orange County - Anaheim Signs - Contractor 490521 - Sign Company Orange County - Anaheim Signs - Contractor 490521

led channel sign

Are You Searching for More Customers? An LED Channel Sign May Be Just the Solution. Designed to attract passersby and compliment your storefront, these energy efficient signs can also save on operating costs while drawing in new business.

Front and Back Lit: Sighted often in shopping malls and plazas. This style consists of a stainless-steel frame surrounded by acrylic front with LED lights illuminating each letter of text on either side.

Enhanced Visibility

Signage selection is key when it comes to branding your business; it sets the stage for how people perceive and decide whether or not to invest. Illuminated channel letter signs are an ideal way of making sure passersby recognize your business; these custom-shaped signs can be customized with any contoured letter style or logo and lit with any color of light you like for maximum branding at nighttime.

LEDs used in illuminated channel letters are highly visible from long distances, making it impossible for customers to miss your message. Furthermore, these energy efficient signs require less maintenance than traditional neon signs – saving both energy and money over time.

Illuminated channel letter signs are an ideal solution for businesses that operate at night or need to stand out in a highly competitive market. Ideal for restaurants, bars, retail stores, hospitals or any other establishment that remains open once the sun goes down.

When selecting a sign, it is essential that you carefully consider its font type and spacing (also known as kerning). Thin font types and scripts may decrease visibility while larger letters increase readability. You should also take into account its height – be sure that it is high enough so it can be read from a street angle without becoming distracting or altering the aesthetics of your building.

Illuminated channel letter signs are an efficient choice for your business. Their contoured font or logo is custom fit to any font size or style and the LED lights can be customized to match the colors of your branding. Plus, these energy efficient and long-term durable signs won’t drain power and cost effectively stand out among competition.

Increased Brand Recognition

Luminescent channel letters make your business visible even after dark, further strengthening brand recognition and providing an elegant appearance that can draw new customers in. This type of signage is ideal for restaurants, hotels and other businesses operating after sundown or under dim conditions.

Illuminated LED channel signs offer an affordable and effective way to increase brand recognition while being environmentally-friendly and energy-saving alternatives to traditional neon signs. Furthermore, their LED lights can be customized in color for greater visual impact while lasting significantly longer than neon tubes. Digitally printed graphics can add even more dimension, backlighting or front lighting being customizable according to company identity or location requirements.

Front-lit LED channel letters consist of translucent or clear acrylic faces mounted to an aluminum return, secured to the building wall. Light is directed from behind through a divider which illuminates both sides of each letter creating a halo effect that adds elegance and sophistication. Custom colors can be chosen to reflect your company’s branding for a distinctive, high-class appearance.

Signs such as this one can be found throughout shopping malls, office buildings, strip malls and other public spaces to assist customers in finding businesses. It can be installed using raceways for a smooth look or directly onto the building’s facade for an industrial feel – oftentimes the former option is preferred when meeting building code regulations.

There are various variations of front-lit LED channel letter signs available today, such as backlit (where light escapes through both colorful acrylic facings and out the backs of each letter) or halo illuminated (in which aluminum covers are applied over each letter so as to produce a unique glow). LED lighting makes this form of sign energy-efficient and affordable option for various businesses.


Led channel letters offer endless customization possibilities when it comes to customization options, from colors, fonts, sizes and types of light used, as well as mounting options such as flush mounting or raceway mounting; both offer advantages but ultimately the type of sign chosen will depend on your budget.

Your sign’s face can also be personalized; front-lit signs offer greater visibility at night and over longer distances than others, while for maximum impact you could add front- and back-lit versions for enhanced effect. Adding perforations in its side walls to allow light through can create maximum illumination for maximum exposure.

Custom-shaped signs featuring contoured letterstyles or logoboxes are another popular choice to distinguish your business and give it an eye-catching appearance. Signs made of acrylic, vinyl or digital print materials may also make the sign even more visually striking; you can customize its color according to its environment using acrylic’s wide variety of hues available for its face material.

Letter height can have a dramatic impact on its visibility. Thin fonts or scripts are difficult to read, so to improve visibility opt for bolder font sizes with plenty of space between each letter – this process is known as kerning.

Illuminated channel letters can make an excellent addition to any business, as they’re easy to install on storefronts and other areas of buildings. Plus, you can use them to update old signage that needs freshening up!

Illuminated channel letter signs tend to cost slightly more than other signs, yet are still quite cost-effective. Energy efficient and with lower maintenance costs than neon illuminated signs, these illuminated signs offer lower operating expenses overall while being more durable than their competitors and less likely to break than others. You may choose from having it come in red to make it even more noticeable from a distance.

Low Maintenance

Channel letter signs are specifically designed to last and require minimal upkeep compared to other forms of signage. Their durable materials can withstand harsh weather conditions, while LED lighting offers more energy savings than neon bulbs.

LED bulbs typically last 50,000 hours before needing replacing, making maintenance much simpler as there are no hazardous gases to contend with or lower voltage requirements than with traditional forms of lighting. They’re also significantly easier to keep looking their best than any other solution!

LED signs use 40% less energy than neon signs, helping businesses become more environmentally responsible and uphold eco standards. They are an ideal option for companies that prioritize sustainability in their operations.

An attractive, eye-catching sign can draw passersby in and encourage them to visit your business. Plus, professional signage conveys trust and credibility among your customer base – such as custom channel letter signs that feature brand names or logos in unique ways.

Customized channel letter signs offer another distinct advantage over prefabricated signs: their versatility can fit any building. You have numerous colors, fonts, and lighting options to choose from to design one that perfectly reflects your company branding and style. Having such an identity helps set yourself apart from competitors.

Front-Lit Channel Letter Sign

A front-lit channel letter sign is one of the most common designs for channel letter signs, typically made up of translucent or acrylic material and typically aluminum for its channel or return. LED modules or neon tubing is often used to illuminate its face with any desired hue.

Back-lit channel letters (sometimes known as halo channel letters) offer another solution for channel letter signs, with their opaque faces and backs allowing light to illuminate any negative space surrounding their letters, creating a “halo” effect that brings attention to their shapes against dark backgrounds.

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Orange LED Sign

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Sign Company Orange County - Anaheim Signs - Contractor 490521 - Sign Company Orange County - Anaheim Signs - Contractor 490521

orange led sign

An LED sign with neon orange aesthetic is an easy and cost-effective way to bring color and brightness into any space. Made up of small individual tubes that can be modified into different designs, LED signs offer infinite customization opportunities.

These signs make a statement in any room of your home or can even serve as the centerpiece for photo/video shoots! Their bright lights add extra charm.

Orange Neon Signs for Home Decor

Orange is an eye-catching hue that adds personality and zest to any space. Custom neon orange signs make stylish additions to any home, office or event and are great way to inject some zest and vibrancy into any environment – they make great presents too!

These signs can be customized with names, messages and other details to create a truly customized look. With LED’s rather than traditional neon tubes for energy efficiency and safety reasons as well as lasting longer than their counterparts. You can even select from different shapes and sizes to add an individual touch.

People often use motivational signs in their bedrooms, to add an energetic boost and stay on track during their daily life. Kitchen signs with inspirational quotes or just inspirational pictures make any space feel more inviting or lively; and these signs make any event or party much more exciting, such as Halloween parties and birthday celebrations!

A sun neon orange aesthetic is a beautiful piece that brings in warmth and sunshine even indoors, perfect for yoga studios or fitness centers to help encourage people to stay and get fitter.

An orange neon business sign can draw in new customers to your location, whether that means bars, restaurants, ice cream shops, salons or gyms – or other businesses looking to stand out. They’re great for advertising events or special offers!

Custom orange neon signs are an eye-catching way to draw customers’ attention and promote your business at trade shows, events and elsewhere. Bar and club owners will love having these signs as an eye-catcher to draw customers in!

Orange Neon Signs for Event Decor

Orange neon signs are an ideal way to add some vibrancy and charm to any space, offering a vibrant splash of color while also being visually striking. Available in many designs, shapes, and sizes – such as kitchen decor for kitchen, bedroom decor for bedroom decor and office decor as well as popular in bars and restaurants – orange is often associated with energy and enthusiasm and its bright hue makes a lasting impression with those passing by.

Signs are an effective way to advertise and market your business or brand. Orange neon signs provide an eye-catching way to draw in new customers and increase revenue streams, drawing in customers through customer attraction. Showcase your logo or customize a sign that will fit within both style and budget – using neon in your storefront or office will increase customer traffic while building brand recognition.

Orange neon LED signs can be purchased online or from local stores. Made of glass tubes containing neon gas or other gases lit by electricity, these retro signs make for great decor additions while being quite cost effective and long-term investments. You can find various colors of neon LED signs to give any space the retro touch they deserve – and can add lasting retro flair!

Neon signs make an ideal addition to any home or office, adding an eye-catching yet playful element that is also easy to install and customized to meet specific needs. Keep several factors in mind when purchasing neon lights – the color shade, power supply, etc – when making this investment decision.

There are various kinds of neon signs available today, such as flexible and LED neon. Flex neon is an emerging type that uses LEDs to mimic traditional neon, making them more durable and cost-efficient for small businesses looking to make a statement. They’re an excellent way for making an impressionful statement!

Orange Neon Signs for Cars

Orange neon signs add a sophisticated charm to any environment, particularly restaurants, bars and other businesses looking for that vintage charm. Furthermore, these lights can also be found lighting up art displays in museums as well as adding some vibrant color into any room at an affordable cost.

When shopping for an orange led sign, ensure it’s easy and seamless with any decor setting you have in mind. In addition, be sure that it meets all safety regulations; premium built LED light signs have been developed with high-grade acrylic backing and come complete with an on/off switch which enables users to control its brightness level.

Traditional neon signs are made of glass tubes emitting fluorescent lighting. Highly customizable and customizable to any business or event, neon signs are an effective and cost-effective way to advertise services or goods. Unfortunately, their fragile nature makes them costly investments so it is vital they remain safely stored away.

Orange County businesses are finding many cost-cutting and energy-saving alternatives to traditional neon signage increasingly appealing, such as flex neon. This form of LED-lit signage uses less electricity while producing similar effects to its neon counterpart, offering greater cost-efficiency and longer lifespan compared to its conventional counterpart.

Orange is often associated with excitement and enthusiasm, making it an excellent color to use for your business as it can stimulate people and entice them to interact with it more actively. Plus, having an orange sign up front helps customers more easily locate your location!

LED traffic signs make an excellent choice for many applications. Not only are they highly readable and feature a constant current modular power system that eliminates flickering, they’re also less expensive than traditional traffic signs and easier to maintain.

LED signs offer many businesses in Orange County an economical, durable, and long-term sign solution that comes with a lifetime warranty. Furthermore, these versatile displays come in an assortment of shapes and sizes.

Orange Neon Signs for Wall Decor

Orange LED neon signs offer an eye-catching way to add a unique aesthetic and draw customers, increasing profits and drawing customers in. Easy installation makes these energy-saving signs safer options for businesses without access to natural gas lines, while their customization options let you design something truly representative of yourself and your style. Available online with warranties up to one year and customization capabilities allow you to find a sign that speaks directly to you!

Neon orange aesthetic lights are a staple in art galleries. Their warm-hued hue enhances works of art while their adaptable form allows for precise design customizations – making these lights ideal for museums and institutions looking to add personality with their artwork display. Furthermore, these lights come in various sizes and shapes making them suitable for almost every decor style.

Add some humor and fun to your kitchen with an orange neon sign! From choosing from various phrases or images available to personalizing it with photos – they make a great conversation starter when entertaining friends for dinner or drinks!

An orange LED neon sign is an easy and safe way to bring something special into any room in your home or office. These lights don’t use toxic gases or fragile glass and their lifespan far outlives regular neon signs. Furthermore, their acrylic backing protects them from damage as you hang it from walls – perfect!

Flex neon is an innovative new technology that utilizes LEDs and acrylic to replicate the look of traditional neon signs with reduced cost and durability. It has become increasingly popular with property managers and small business owners in Orange County as an affordable signage alternative.

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FASTSIGNS of Lake Forest Offers a Variety of Signage Solutions

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Sign Company Orange County - Anaheim Signs - Contractor 490521 - Sign Company Orange County - Anaheim Signs - Contractor 490521

fast signs lake forest

Trust FASTSIGNS(r) of Lake Forest to develop visual communications solutions that help your business achieve its goals. Our experts take time to learn your brand before using their creative talents to bring your message to life.

Create custom yard signs to promote sales, announce products or services, or generate political awareness with ease and cost effectively. They offer an affordable yet effective means of reaching a wide audience.

Lawn Signs

Lawn signs, also referred to as placards, bandit signs or yard signs, are small advertising signs used on properties to express support for an election candidate or political cause by its owners. Lawn signs have become extremely popular tools in political campaigns across both America and Canada.

Signs in yards can be an extremely effective marketing tool when used properly in the context of a well-run campaign, as they generate word-of-mouth buzz that increases name recognition for candidates while leading to voter turnout on election day. A recent study confirmed this finding.

While many residents in residential areas allow political lawn signs, some municipalities limit their placement. Such signs should not be placed within highway right-of-ways (real property rights acquired for transportation-related facilities) or median areas as this might distract drivers or pose safety risks; they should also be located away from roads so as to not interfere with maintenance tasks like mowing. Several state highways also have regulations regarding these signs which should be reviewed prior to putting any on public property; local zoning laws usually only limit sign size; standard lawn signs should meet requirements easily enough.

Panel & Post Signs

Post and panel signs are an affordable solution for businesses that want to convey their message with minimal expense. These free-standing signs feature two posts connected by a panel displaying your desired message; size depends on local regulations. They’re often constructed of wood or aluminum materials.

Post-and-panel signs are relatively inexpensive and straightforward to fabricate and install, making them the ideal signage option. Their low costs allow them to be utilized in multiple settings including parking lot signage or wayfinding purposes – helping your business stand out from competitors while drawing customers into your location. They can even serve as monument signs enabling passersby to quickly identify your services provided quickly.

Communities, apartment complexes and other large venues benefit from having these signs to communicate permanent rules and regulations for their areas as well as safety information like speed limits in the area. Visitors need this type of communication so they can have an enjoyable visit while remaining safe.

These signs can be tailored to reflect your information needs and branding style, with optional decorative options like headers, T-straps, base caps, post finials, iron scrolls or any other accessory to complete their overall appearance. Furthermore, they can also be illuminated for increased night-time visibility.

Another popular use for real estate signs is to display listings, with construction options including PVC construction which is lightweight, cost-effective and won’t warp over time in heat conditions; PVC is also highly resistant to humidity compared with other options like aluminium composite panels which consist of two thin aluminium sheets bonded together at their edges onto non-aluminium core panels.

Yard Signs

Yard signs are an economical and flexible way to promote your business. From educational signage and yard sale announcements to guiding people to weddings and other special events, yard signs have many uses and applications in marketing a business. Plus they can even be customized with specific messages or designs; real estate yard signs often contain images with key property details; election placards can be placed on lawns to express support for political candidates or positions.

Yard signage is typically created out of coroplast, which features a plastic core surrounded by thick sheets of aluminum bonded on both sides for added strength and light weight. Coroplast can be printed digitally or silk screened and comes in sizes that range from 12″x 12″ up to 48″ x 96″, typically rectangular with flutes similar to cardboard that provide structure to hold yard sign wires upright in the air.

Wire frames can be driven into the ground or grass using metal stakes to anchor signs against windy conditions and keep them upright in their frames, keeping the sign upright against blowback. There are various styles available such as H-frames and square stakes; both feature at least two tines to slide into flutes of coroplast signs as well as either a single or double crossbar between tines for added strength.

Coroplast signs can be printed digitally or silk screened, giving you many ways to personalize them. Choose from a range of colors, backgrounds and clip art for your sign that makes it distinctive, add photos or logos or text – even pick the ideal viewing distance so you know if high definition printing or standard viewing distance options are better suited for you!

Residential cleaning services often use yard signs to advertise their services. These signs can be customized in an arrow or house shape to feature relevant details about what services are provided. They’re also commonly found outside real estate offices to advertise properties for sale – custom cut to include important contact info of agents marketing the properties for sale.

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Cars, trucks, vans, buses and trailers make an ideal canvas to display high impact graphics. Our team can design and install full wraps, partial wraps or window graphics to achieve just that look – they provide protection while simultaneously raising brand awareness!

We work closely with you to craft messages and graphics with high impact that reflect your vehicle, then digitally print them on special vinyl material designed for vehicle application. Our final product looks just like painted vehicles – yet can be changed up or down instantly without repainting hassles!

Vehicle wraps from Vehicle Wrap Solutions are constructed for long-term use and typically last seven years when maintained correctly. To extend and preserve its longevity, proper care must be taken when washing them with soapy water using a soft sponge soaked with soapy water is recommended to protect and prolong vinyl’s life span. We advise handwashing with warm soapy water using soft sponge to minimize pressure washing which could cause tears and peeling in vinyl; high pressure washing could damage vinyl as it rips at its edges causing tears or peeling to tear and peel causing tears or peeling with pressure washing causing vinyl tears to tear and peel; when scrapers with perforated vinyl material can rip material which compromises vision resulting in tears being put under strain from these perforations, which might compromise vision deterioration over time.

Vehicle wraps have become an increasingly popular design product among small businesses, providing affordable marketing tools that transform a car into a mobile billboard – an especially useful feature for service providers such as cable companies, plumbers, electricians, handymen, dry cleaners or any company which visits clients at their homes.

Wraps can also serve as an effective means of branding an existing business or introducing a new one, providing both stability and visibility in your local community. With an average commuter spending 42 hours each year in their car, vehicle wrapping provides an effective means of reaching a wide audience.

Not only can we offer full wraps, but we also offer spot graphics and perforated window films. Spot graphics allow you to personalize your vehicle by adding logos, images or messages; window graphics allow advertising while ensuring drivers can still see out of the windows.

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Why LED Sign Makers Are Better Than DIYers

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Sign Company Orange County - Anaheim Signs - Contractor 490521 - Sign Company Orange County - Anaheim Signs - Contractor 490521

led sign installers

Professional LED sign makers can produce eye-catching visual displays that are easy to read from a distance and are durable enough to endure harsh weather conditions.

LED signs don’t contain tubes and, thus, require much less maintenance than traditional signs. Furthermore, their absence allows for them to bypass ballasts altogether, further cutting maintenance costs.

Easy to Install

At first glance, creating your own LED sign may seem tempting in today’s do-it-yourself culture. After all, there are numerous online tutorials that provide guides through this process. But creating high-quality signs requires more than following instructions; to achieve optimal results requires knowledge on proper maintenance and repair practices as well as knowing who to call when something breaks down – working with professionals is always best!

An LED sign uses solid-state lighting, making it far simpler and longer-lasting than traditional neon tubing signs. Plus, its reduced power usage will save money on your energy bills!

Before beginning an LED sign installation, first gather your tools. A screwdriver, small hammer and drill with a 1/4″ (6mm) bit should do. Next, take your cable wire from its box and remove its rubber seal using sharp pliers before cutting any other hanging wires off it if possible. With all of this set aside, take out a pencil and mark where your top mounts will go on your wall using top mount screw hole locations marked out earlier – then hold up your sign against this wall to determine whether these holes line up correctly; once done so then take out drill and begin installing its installation process!

LED signs will bring life and vibrancy to your business with its vibrant colors and eye-catching graphics, giving it the ability to convey various messages easily while also promoting special offers effortlessly. Conventional posters and banners often only last up to one or two years before needing maintenance or repairs, costing your business even more money to maintain or repair than an LED sign would. Plus, its functionality helps your company attract customers while increasing sales!


LEDs are revolutionary light sources that use less power to produce the same amount of illumination than fluorescent or neon bulbs, significantly lowering overall energy costs while simultaneously prolonging their lifespan and maintenance needs. This benefit is particularly advantageous to businesses that frequently update their graphics to meet marketing objectives.

LED signs offer companies an effective means of easily communicating important information with customers and prospective visitors, with its long lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements making communication a snap. Furthermore, their vibrant color and brightness help draw people in to learn what your business has to offer them.

LED sign installations offer businesses an excellent return on investment compared to traditional signs, due to their long lifespan and minimal maintenance needs. LEDs can illuminate various signs and display messages more cost effectively using other forms of light such as digital message centers or dynamic LED signs that communicate time, temperature and other essential data about your business.

Although many companies tout themselves as offering worry-free or low maintenance products and services, most people understand that some items require regular upkeep in order to remain functional – like cars needing tune-ups and computers updates or windows needing cleaning. While LED sign installations may have low maintenance needs compared with these items, their digital displays allow content updates quickly and effortlessly day or night.

When selecting a professional led sign installer, look for one who offers quality work backed up with warranties or guarantees on their services and products. This will give your business confidence that the highest quality product possible will help attract and engage more customers. A reputable company should also be familiar with LED components to help ensure they work harmoniously together while meeting standards such as UL/ETL listing.


A well-lit sign sends a positive image for your business and shows customers that you care about its image and are willing to invest in it. Conversely, dim or inconsistently lit signs could turn away potential clients and sales opportunities. LED signs are designed to be brighter and more consistent than neon or fluorescent lighting and use less energy – saving on energy bills in the long run!

Professional LED sign makers possess cutting-edge technologies for crafting visually striking displays that captivate customers from far away and get your brand known. This allows people to learn more about what your business offers while increasing brand recognition.

LED signs offer commercial businesses looking to reduce utility costs and carbon emissions the perfect way to decrease utility bills and carbon emissions without adding heat into their spaces or increasing air conditioning bills. LED signage lasts longer and uses less power compared to neon and fluorescent bulbs; making them the ideal solution.

Customize the brightness of your LED sign by selecting different numbers and types of lights, depending on its size, location and permit regulations in your city. There are countless lighting configurations to suit every need for LED signs ranging from large displays with multiple rows to displays that only contain one light per row – and more!

An LED sign’s main advantage lies in its readability at all hours of day; sunlight doesn’t obscure it as easily, meaning your message will be more likely to catch passerby attention and remain visible 24 hours a day.

LED signs allow for real-time updates of sale items or services that could increase customer base, or communicate a joke or inspirational quote to keep customers engaged and interested in what you have to say. Their adaptable nature enables you to tailor the sign’s display exactly according to your brand and marketing goals.

Low Maintenance

At first glance, installing an LED sign yourself can seem tempting in our DIY world of tutorials and DIY guides online. But professional services could save money over time by eliminating costly mistakes and repairs down the line.

Professional led sign installers possess all of the equipment, expertise and experience required to produce high-quality displays that stand out from their competition. Furthermore, they know how to optimize the features and designs of an LED sign for maximum visibility – providing your business with a solid return on investment for years to come.

Maintaining an outdoor display requires being diligent about keeping it clean. Digital displays tend to accumulate a great deal of dirt over time, which if allowed to accumulate can damage internal components as well as expose signs to water damage during inclement weather conditions.

Consider engaging the services of your LED sign repair company for regular maintenance services to keep your display operating at optimal levels and avoid any unexpected failure or breakdowns. These professionals can check for rodent damage, faulty wiring and corrosion on hardware which will ensure peak performance without risk of sudden failure or breakdown.

LED sign repair experts provide professional LED sign repairs services, installing new lighting fixtures, replacing bulbs and providing you with an estimate so you can choose what kind of repair option best fits your sign needs. They are able to recommend appropriate options based on their assessment of your sign’s unique characteristics as well as provide free estimates so you can decide what’s right for your sign repair needs.

LED signs provide an effective and modern means of communicating with customers and passersby, but will require maintenance from time to time. Engaging the services of an expert LED sign maker is your best bet for ensuring that your sign lasts and performs optimally – as well as offering guidance and advice regarding current technologies that give your business an edge in today’s marketing arena.

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Illuminated Building Letters

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lighted building letters

Lighted building letters are eye-catching pieces of signage that serve both as attention grabbers and advertising tools at once. They’re an ideal solution for businesses that stay open late as their light makes them easily visible even in low lighting environments.

Plastic faces illuminate with either halo effects or back lighting for enhanced visibility. They can be attached directly to buildings or placed along raceways that blend seamlessly into their structures for seamless integration.

LED Lights

LED building letter lights offer several advantages over their more conventional lighting counterparts. Not only are they less expensive and more durable, they consume fewer watts to save on energy usage while producing plenty of illumination – perfect for businesses that wish to attract customers from a distance.

LED lights come in various colors and sizes, perfect for lighting logos or letters in full. Their programming makes for even greater customization while they can even be used outdoors as outdoor signage. Not to mention how easy LEDs are to install for all sorts of business situations!

Your choice of sign for your business will depend on its size, font and color as well as other considerations such as height. In particular, consider that readability should always come first when choosing your sign’s kerning distance and spacing – this feature will allow for adjustments as necessary to achieve readability.

Lighted sign letters can be created in several ways, from custom-cut acrylic and LEDs to programmed LED displays that display any color you like. Installation often includes a UL label that provides information about power sources and any necessary installation details.

LED signs offer more efficient use of energy and use significantly less electricity to operate than their incandescent counterparts, thus saving money and resources in their operation. They emit minimal heat, making them safer than other forms of lighting and more durable than comparable signage solutions – not to mention brighter.

Lighted channel letter signs are an ideal addition to any business, providing front or back lighting depending on your preference and used to illuminate specific words or letters at night and create an eye-catching appearance sure to attract customers.

LED Front Lit channel letters are a popular choice among many businesses because they produce an illuminated halo effect around each letter’s face. They typically consist of stainless steel metal sign sheels attached to an acrylic back panel etched to allow LEDs to illuminate each letter face from behind.

High Gauge Aluminum

Aluminum is an extremely strong and flexible material, ideal for creating highly professional yet effective signs for any business. Aluminum signs come in all kinds of gauges and finishes – thicker gauges provide more polished and refined looks while thinner gauges may be more cost-effective options – and aluminum fabrication capabilities make finding just what you need easy. Additionally, custom signs made of aluminum are very customizable as it can easily be made into shapes of different sizes or even customized to look exactly how you need it to.

Aluminum sign letters are an ideal choice for business owners looking to make an impressionful statement through their signage. Not only are these signs durable and weather resistant, they’re easy to maintain and will last years of wear-and-tear use – not to mention they’re also affordable making this an excellent investment in any company’s future.

Channel letter signs consist of four primary components: the return, face, backing and lighting element. Usually made out of aluminum but it can also be acrylic for halo-lit signs, the return is often customized according to production requirements and usually displays standard fonts or logos; with polycarbonate or acrylic back panels depending on whether or not front lighting or halo lighting are being employed for your sign’s back face.

Lighting components of signs typically consist of LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs or neon tubing if front lit, either housed within an aluminum frame and painted to match your company’s PMS colors, with letters attached using glue and noncorrosive fasteners to return sections on both ends of each sign.

Other types of illuminated building letters include REVERSE LIT letters that use polycarbonate faces and Lexan backs with clear 1/8″ or 3/16″ aluminum returns and are illuminated from behind, creating a halo effect around each letter. Finally, DUAL LIT letters use both front and rear illumination.


Illuminated building letters can serve multiple functions; from wayfinding, branding and advertising your business to wayfinding for visitors, conveying brand messaging and even wayfinding to communicating brand messaging to communicating brand messaging effectively. Illuminated building letters can be found across many businesses and organizations such as hotels, banks, hospitals, retail stores malls restaurants. With various sizes and styles to suit different company branding they make for great wayfinding tools that also last the test of time! Typically made of high quality acrylic or aluminum materials which ensure long term use without breaking down over time while still looking great visually!

LED lighted building signs have quickly become one of the most sought-after signage solutions for businesses. Their durability, low energy consumption, and wide color spectrum makes them ideal for any industry or company.

Lighting signs are an ideal solution for businesses that operate during night hours or adverse weather. Their visibility makes them easily recognizable from afar, drawing more customers towards your business from all directions. Plus, these customisable signs can match both your brand and style!

There is a wide variety of illuminated building letters available today, each offering its own distinctive look and feel. A channel letter is perhaps the most commonly seen sign, which comes in various shapes and sizes to meet various applications – be it on your building itself or as a backer panel sign.

Halo lit and backlit channel letters are two forms of illuminated signs commonly used for retail stores that offer unique customer experiences, like boutique retail. Halo lit channel letters feature transparent faces which let LED lights pass through them and create an eye-catching halo effect, perfect for lawyers, CPAs, and other professional service providers who offer legal or financial advice to clients.

Backlit channel letters are illuminated letters made of solid material illuminated with LEDs on their backsides, typically used by retailers, restaurants and other businesses looking to promote their brand or products with lighting. Common materials for backlit letters include metal or acrylic construction – both can be painted any color you like for added effect!


Investment in lighted building letters means more than having a sign that proclaims your company name and services – it means drawing customers to your company by creating the impression of being not only bold but professional and well-organized. Lighted channel letter signs are perfect for retail establishments as well as corporate locations or warehouse venues.

When considering the costs associated with various lighted sign options, it’s essential to keep in mind that installation will represent a large portion of your overall expenses. How your channel letter sign is mounted can significantly influence its appearance as well as longevity.

One effective method for mounting illuminated signage is using a raceway. This small box holds all of your sign’s wiring, making installation relatively straightforward while creating a clean finish in its appearance.

Another possibility for mounting signs is attaching them directly to building facades, but this requires access to the interior and can be more challenging and expensive to complete than other methods of mounting signs. But it may provide a more polished, unique appearance.

Customers looking for a backer mount, which consists of a panel that contains all of the electrical hardware and power supply for your sign, may prefer installing it either behind their building’s facade or onto a wall.

Although direct mount installations require more complex wiring and electrical work, the end result can create a professional and unique appearance that draws customers directly to your business. Although mounting directly to a building may also work, but depending on its wall material and lighting setup can present difficulties that must be managed accordingly.

Most lighted signs come standard as “Halo Lit,” wherein light shines through the letter face to illuminate its color and reflecting onto its facing. Some companies may opt for reverse-lit signs which cast their glow onto walls behind it – though installation of such can be tricky since each surface must reflect and absorb light properly.

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