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Used Channel Letters For Sale

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Channel letters make an eye-catching sign and add flair and branding to any business’s identity and image.

Have you seen them on restaurant, store and gym facades but wondered what exactly they do? Well here is your answer – exterior LED signage (ELED).


Channel letter signs are an eye-catching outdoor signage option that’s fully customizable to meet the specific needs of your business. They’re great for increasing brand recognition while drawing customers into storefronts at night – adding even more visibility for customer visitation, ultimately drawing in new clients.

When searching for used channel letters for sale, be sure to select one large enough to be seen from a distance. This will attract passersby and potential customers, increasing sales. Furthermore, choose something durable such as stainless steel signs as these have proven themselves time after time.

Used channel letters can be installed using two methods of mounting: direct mounting and raceway mounting. Direct mounting involves attaching the sign directly to a building’s wall with non-corrosive fasteners for ease of installation; this mounting method is particularly well suited to businesses located near streets that need visibility from far distances.

Raceway mounts use a raceway box to conceal wiring and electronic components of signs. To minimize holes appearing in structures, these raceways are usually painted the same color as their surroundings for optimal viewing.

Channel letters typically feature acrylic faces that allow light to pass through when illuminated. Their returns are also often made of acrylic; otherwise aluminum will work just as well if no illumination will take place. A strip of LED lights placed inside each letter when lit serves as its lighting element.

Illuminated channel letters are more effective than unlit signs at drawing people’s attention to your business and increasing both foot traffic and sales. Plus, they’re more energy efficient than neon signs – making them an economical solution for companies with limited budgets and easier to maintain than other signs.


When it comes to selecting the ideal business signage for your venue, there are several key aspects you must keep in mind. A material used in creating channel letters is especially essential. While various materials exist such as aluminum and plastics for these signs, aluminum has proven its durability as it can easily be tailored to meet branding requirements and is easily customizable for branding needs. Furthermore, channel letter signs offer versatility by being produced into numerous shapes and sizes, making them suitable for indoor as well as outdoor settings.

Another factor affecting the cost of channel letters is how they’re illuminated. Illuminated channel letters come in several styles, including front lit, reverse lit and dual lit options that require different sets of LED bulbs – driving up costs overall. If you decide to include a logo as part of your sign design this increases complexity further and necessitates extra materials and labor costs.

LEDs have become the go-to solution for channel letter interior illumination, as they offer greater energy efficiency compared to neon illuminators used in previous generations of this signage type. LEDs also boast additional advantages over neon, such as durability and longevity.

Letter signs are an effective way to draw customers into your venue and increase brand recognition, especially at beauty salons, gyms, spas and other wellness businesses. Their eye-catching appearance will surely capture passerby attention!

Channel letter signage requires an initial investment that may be greater than other signage types; however, its effectiveness lies in its ability to set you apart from competitors and attract potential clients. Being highly customizable means you’re bound to find a design that complements both your branding and company aesthetics perfectly.

channel letters stand out with their vibrant colors and slim profiles, but they’re also extremely durable, standing up well against harsh weather conditions and being ideal for outdoor use. However, regular maintenance must be conducted to avoid issues like corrosion and electrical issues.


Channel letter signs can be illuminated to improve their appearance and create more visibility for your business. Illuminated channel letters are popular choices among restaurants, retail businesses, and many other commercial locations as they help make them stand out among their competition. Furthermore, illuminated channel letters utilize LED lights which are more energy efficient than neon or fluorescent bulbs – saving money on energy bills in the process! Choosing illuminated channel letters for your business could save money too.

Channel letter signs come with various illumination options, including front-lit, back-lit and halo-lit illumination options. Front-lit channels feature translucent acrylic faces that allow light to pass through them; back-lit versions feature LEDs mounted inside of each letter for greater illumination; while halo-lit variants have a halo of light surrounding marquee letters for an upscale appearance that draws customers in. Halo-lit signs are ideal for businesses in wellness industries that seek to attract customers; examples include beauty salons and gyms looking to attract customers in.

Channel letter signs come with various mounting options, from flush to raceway and wireway mountings, each offering their own advantages and price variations. To find out the cost of one type, contact your local shop and inquire for a quote; be as specific as possible in providing details.

A lighted channel letter sign will attract customers’ attention night or day in West Chester. A lighted channel letter sign can even help promote sales or specials!

Lighting can help your business attract customers and boost sales. Reach out to 1 Stop Signs today to explore the various illumination options for channel letter signs; our team can create custom signage solutions that draw more focus to your brand.


Channel letters are an effective way to increase brand recognition for your business with maximum exposure and visibility. Ideal for use both indoors and outdoors as standalone signage or alongside other forms of promotion like pylon signs or monument signs, channel letters are made out of aluminum fabrication for optimal durability in any climate – perfect whether your store is established retail or an emerging small enterprise! These illuminated signs will definitely get customers talking!

Your choice of channel letter signs depends on your budget and individual needs, with front lit being the most popular type used by banks, supermarkets and other large corporations to promote their brands and draw in customers at night when other forms of signage might be harder for customers to see.

Front-lit channel letters are typically constructed out of aluminum with translucent acrylic faces that are illuminated using LEDs for vibrant illumination. Trim cap provides a clean and seamless appearance and the back and sides can be painted any standard or custom color to complete their seamless look.

Reverse lit channel letters feature lights visible from behind. This style is ideal for professional offices such as law firms, dentists and CPAs as it creates an eye-catching halo effect. Dual-lit letters offer additional lighting options.

When selecting a mounting solution for channel letters, there are a few different choices available to you: flush mount, raceway and wireway. Flush mount mounting can be most cost-effective as it doesn’t require placing any additional boxes for wiring behind walls.

Raceway and wireway options offer similar functionality as flush mount, but with an added channel for concealing electrical wiring for each letter. This provides a cleaner look without exposed wiring obscuring their view; cost varies so it’s wise to compare prices before making your decision.

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