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A Channel Letter Manufacturer Can Fabricate a Sign That Grabs Passersby’s Attention

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Channel letter manufacturers specialize in fabricating signs that attract passerby, increasing foot traffic and ultimately benefitting your business. When selecting signage options, various factors should be taken into account, including color, font, mount and lighting options.

Aluminum sheeting can be painted in standard colors or customized to include branding-specific hues (PMS). The face, usually composed of acrylic, can be back lit for a halo effect.


Channel letter signage is an innovative and eye-catching way to advertise your company name in large lettering day or night, drawing potential customers in. Channel letter signs offer you many colors, styles, fonts, lighting options and custom logo options which will enhance its impact and ensure it remains memorable to its intended target market.

Top-rated local sign companies can create channel letters tailored specifically to your desired color, style, design and height preferences. Crafted out of metal or plastic and personalized to reflect the identity of your company or brand identity – channel letters may even be manufactured using CNC (computer numerical control) machines or hand-operated tools depending on how customized you want your signs to be.

Channel letter signs are an energy- and time-efficient option compared to other types of signage, using LED lighting which is more environmentally-friendly than neon or fluorescent bulbs. They’re also more cost-effective and need less maintenance compared to other options – ideal for businesses seeking ways to reduce electricity bills.

Customized channel letter signage can benefit any type of business. From restaurants and retail stores to services businesses and service businesses, using customized channel letter signs can create a more professional-looking space and heighten customer awareness. However, you must use only high-grade materials when fabricating these signs in order to prevent corrosion or wear out over time.

An established sign shop will provide an estimate of your customized channel letter’s costs, including installation and shipping fees, along with an in-depth plan and design to help achieve the look that’s right for your sign.

Step one in creating custom channel letters is selecting an appropriate font size. Make sure that it is legible from a distance, consistent with other signage on site, and that complements your building’s architecture.


Channel letter signs are an ideal solution for businesses that wish to stand out from the competition. Highly customizable and available in an array of fonts and sizes, these signs can even be illuminated at night to increase visibility at night. Channel letter signs have been around for 15+ years when properly maintained – not only that but their installation can even be accomplished quickly using a bucket truck!

Illuminated channel letters are typically made using LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs, which use significantly less power than neon tubing while producing brighter and more consistent lighting. Custom PMS shades can also be created. LED lights also boast energy-efficiency making them the perfect solution for businesses on a tight budget.

Standard front-lit channel letters are one of the most prevalent forms of commercial signage, comprising four components: return, face, backing and lighting element. A sign’s return typically faces building facades and can be composed of aluminum or acrylic while its face often faces streets – either composed of translucent material like acrylic – while its backing acts as an anchor that connects its components and can either be constructed out of aluminum or plywood.

depending on the nature and size of your business, sign mounting can vary according to its location, mounting method and sign type. A sign may be attached directly to a wall surface, attached via backer panel or raceway (a metal box holding power and wiring for signs) or both simultaneously. A raceway holds power supplies and wiring that connect to signs mounted to building facades while backer panels serve to hold channel letters attached either to walls or raceways).

Reverse-lit channel letters offer businesses looking to draw customers in with an elegant glow another option for drawing attention to themselves. Also referred to as halo lit channel letters, reverse-lit letters can be found anywhere from banks and retail stores to salons, hotels, gyms and gyms – making them particularly suitable for restaurants as they create a sophisticated appearance while making menu reading easier.


Channel letters make an excellent signage option for storefronts, made of durable materials that can withstand weather elements while drawing in visitors from far and wide. While initially more costly than some other sign types, channel letters typically result in higher sales and reduced maintenance costs in the long-run – not to mention energy-saving LED lighting that reduces costs over time, offering significant savings to you and your customers alike.

There are various styles of channel letter signs, each offering its own distinct look and design. One popular front-lit variant includes polycarbonate or acrylic faces, aluminum returns, and trim caps which can be painted any number of colors to catch passersby’s eyes. LED modules or neon tubing may also be added depending on what effect is desired.

Channel letters are constructed using router-cut aluminum sheeting that comes in thicknesses between 0.040, 0.063 and 0.090 inches. They feature two wide aluminum returns on either side that can be bent into different forms to form channels for your letters. Once complete, they’re finished off with durable acrylic topcoats which come in different colors and transparency levels to complete the look.

Illuminated channel letter signs can be an excellent way to draw customers in and increase visibility for your storefront business. Before making your choice, however, it’s essential that you speak with an expert regarding what kind of signage would best represent your brand in terms of font, size and style considerations.

Another factor when selecting the appropriate sign type is how and where it will be mounted and situated. If your sign will be outdoors, be mindful of weather conditions and potential vandalism – having a warranty covering damage from storms is recommended to provide peace of mind – additionally it is wise to regularly inspect for structural or electrical issues as well as keeping it clean to prevent premature wear-and-tear deterioration of your sign.


Channel letter signs are one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to market your business, being highly visible at night and helping draw customers in from faraway. Furthermore, they’re cost-effective compared with more costly advertising options such as newspaper ads or television commercials, while being tailored precisely to your branding and message.

There are various kinds of channel letters, from LED and neon signage to standard front-lit channel letters with acrylic or polycarbonate faces and router-cut aluminum back and sides, with returns that form the character of each letter ranging in depth from three to eight inches depending on your lease agreement or city ordinances. LED or neon lighting then illuminates this face of the sign.

These signs can be mounted in several ways depending on their size and location within your storefront. You have several mounting options depending on where and how big your storefront is: directly onto its facade or for greater visibility they can be placed on a raceway mount – this flat panel contains wiring for your signage that can be painted to match its surroundings – this mounting method requires less drilling as well as leaving less holes when taking down illuminated signage should ever decide to remove it later on.

Backer mount installations offer another method for sign installation; with this technique, your sign is installed onto a flat panel or metal cabinet that sits atop the building facade. All electrical and power sources for your sign can be stored here behind its facade – making this method particularly suited for historic districts or other regulations regarding exterior signage mounting.

No matter which signage option you select, it is crucial that you consult with an established channel letter manufacturer to ensure a smooth installation process and avoid potential complications with zoning ordinances or leasing agreements. Furthermore, finding out if your signage will be UL certified indicates it fulfills safety and performance standards that meet these criteria.

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