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Looking for Sign Quote Irvine Ca

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Looking for Sign Quote Irvine Ca

Looking for Sign Quote Irvine Ca.

If the customer requests a quote on the spot, don’t panic. Some of us are so tuned in to expecting re­jection or noncommitment that when an offer arrives we’re so stunned we turn to jelly.

Most of all, listen careful­ly to what the customer is saying. If he’s outlining a specific project, take notes. Packing a pad and pencil in your case makes this operation smooth. If he’s expecting you to quote a price, the important points you should know now are:

  • The number of illustrations or designs.
  • How the illustrations or designs will be used.
  • The intended market (such as an ad for a nationwide campaign, editorial illustration for a chil­dren’s book, greeting cards or stationery).
  • The deadline.
  • The reproduction rights he’s ex­pecting to buy.
  • What he considers “final” art— are you expected to provide color overlays, typesetting, and so on?

Once you have all this information, ask for some time to figure out your time and rates so you can provide a price quote that’s fair to both of you. Some artists can simply go into an­other room for a few minutes and ar­rive at the figure; others need to go back to the studio and regroup. If you fall into the latter category, tell the client you’ll call within the hour with your price quote—and be sure you do. Don’t leave him hanging.

Whether or not an assignment arises at the end of the interview, the first thing to do when you return to the studio—after figuring necessary quotes—is fill out the prospect index card with information pertinent to the interview: date, impressions of the experience and the response, type of presentation you made, materials you left behind, type and schedule of follow-up planned, and results of the interview as they become apparent. #AnaheimSigns.

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Looking for Sign Quote Irvine CA
1 Civic Center Plaza Irvine, CA 92606-5207
Looking for Sign Quote Irvine CA
Irvine (/ˈɜːrvaɪn/ UR-vyn) is an affluent city in Orange County, California, United States. It is a planned city; the Irvine Company started developing



and around Irvine, California, a planned city of 250,000 people mainly designed by the Irvine Company. The company was founded by the Irvine family and


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