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Lighted Business Sign Made in Orange County

Lighted Business Sign Made in Orange County

Looking for a lighted business sign made in Orange County for any service, retail or merchandising firm? Frequently these companies have a need for graphic signage design and don’t know where to turn to get it. They might need a quick digital printed ad­vertisement, an annual promotinal sign, a complete business signage makeover, or a new business logo produced in the reception area. Having your name and talent on file, especially if you possess skills such as providing manufacturing and installation services, can mean getting the full assignment of design work instead of it being turned over to an art studio, ad agency or PR firm. Be sure all of your local busi­nesses know that you can fill their design needs if you like this type of business.

Lighted Business Sign Made Orange County

Lighted Business Sign Made Orange County


One of the hazards of free-lancing is that you fall on your face alone; one of the pleasures is that you succeed alone. There’s no one else to blame when something goes wrong, but there’s no one else deserving the praise when everything is perfect.

Everyone, no matter how famous, has had to deal with rejection, that thudding “No, thank you” to your tal­ent and skill. It’s simply a part of the business, an aspect to which you eventually become accustomed. But it’s still hard to deal with and—espe­cially if there are several rejections in a row—it can be depressing.


A local Los Angeles free-lance graphic artist who opened her own business in 1976, was agency-trained and learned many graphic-arts skills through hands-on experience, She wrote:

“I started out working on a small throw-away newspaper for which I sold display advertising. I would approach a client and say, “You’ll get this size ad for this much money. What do you want in it?” They’d tell me what they wanted in it and ask me what it would look like. So I started sketching the ideas for an ad in the little squares that were going to rep­resent what they were going to get in the paper. These sketches were turned over to the typesetter and printer. One day I got a call from him and he said, ‘I love your layouts.’ My response was, ‘Great. What’s a layout?’ ”

From this dubious beginning, Kay went on to work at another newspaper, where she learned about typography from typesetting to type spacing, and from there to an ad agency where “the art director was very kind. He took me under his wing and said, ‘If you want to learn, I’ll teach you,’ and that’s how I got my education. I was there for five years and in the beginning worked some horrendous hours with incredible deadlines, but eventually was responsi­ble for releasing pieces running in the millions of copies.”

Because of her background, today Kay is able to offer her clients all art services except printing. “I’ll do any­thing—design, layout, illustration, photo retouching, color-cutting, paste-up. One of the reasons I’m successful is that I have a broad range of talent and enough education to get the job done.”

Most of Kay’s clients are individual companies that come to her with a spe­cific need, such as a brochure or an an­nual stockholder’s report, and her client list has expanded so much that she turns away jobs. When it comes to lighted business signs, Anaheim Signs has the ability to design, manufacture and install any type of business sign you may need. Fill out our quick quote form for business sign design today.


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