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LED Lights For Channel Letters

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led lights for channel letters

Channel letter signage adds a sleek, high-tech aesthetic to your storefront and can attract more customers when created properly.

Signmakers’ worst fear is seeing finished signs with unattractive hotspots that interrupt its intended glow, so follow these tips on how to avoid those issues and get better signs!

LED Lights

Channel letters are among the most visible types of three-dimensional signage, providing businesses with an eye-catching sign after dark. Their internal illumination creates a striking, bold appearance which draws customers in. Channel letters can be illuminated to attract attention for retail stores, restaurants, gyms and any other businesses looking to stand out.

LED lights create an eye-catching glow for channel letter signs and are available in an array of colors. LEDs are energy efficient, using up to 85% less power than neon tubes while outlasting other forms of lighting significantly longer than others. Plus they reduce maintenance costs and downtime for sign companies!

One LED can be found in a small section of a sign, while multiple can be combined to produce a more eye-catching and eye-catching display. Furthermore, LEDs boast the advantage of being more resistant against harsh weather conditions like rain and snow than other forms of lighting.

Making a lighted channel letter requires cutting a letter out of metal or plastic sheet using a computer-aided cutting system, followed by the fabrication and attachment of its back letter enclosure (letter can). Finally, LED strip lights are added inside of it.

If you plan to use channel letters for your business, it’s essential that you select a sign company capable of handling each step in their design and construction processes to ensure a product that will look appealing while meeting all specifications.

Illuminated channel letters are popular with restaurants and other businesses that want their offerings seen after dark, such as bars or entertainment venues. They’re also frequently utilized by convenience stores, gas stations and other businesses that remain open late.

LED lights offer several advantages over neon tubes in terms of safety: LEDs do not contain mercury and should therefore be safer to handle in case signs become damaged; while neon tubes contain toxic mercury that could potentially harm humans when coming into contact with one.

LED lights are less expensive to repair than neon signs and require no special disposal methods; however, when working on one it is still wise to exercise caution since LEDs can generate heat that can melt plastic. To avoid potential complications it may be beneficial to hire a professional to complete any necessary repairs.

LED Modules

LED modules powering channel letter signs are at the core of their appearance, dictating brightness and color. LED lights produce more illumination for their given power consumption than traditional incandescent bulbs do, making LED signs much more cost-efficient than older designs. Furthermore, their longer lifespan saves businesses money on maintenance costs and service fees.

Installing a channel letter requires LEDs that are properly polarized; that is, those which possess the appropriate voltage across their pn junction to produce photons. If their polarity were to reverse itself, little current would pass through and no light would be produced by that LED.

To ensure LEDs are polarized correctly, all modules contain a molded plastic housing with an inbuilt current limiter to protect from over-current and extend their lifespan. UV-stabilized and corrosion-resistant polymers used in their production help them withstand extreme temperatures, vibrations and impacts while the YD-DGC-30 module also features secondary packaging that encases all components including SMD LED chips and control/driver circuitry in order to provide mechanical, electrical and thermal support even in harsh environments.

Designed to protect LEDs while also offering watertight integrity, the YD-DGC-30 module’s encapsulation helps ensure watertight integrity – making it an excellent choice for applications where signs must be exposed to extreme weather conditions such as full submersion up to 20 meters deep in water depth. Furthermore, its waterproofing system eliminates external housing or gasket requirements, so sign installers don’t have to deal with leakage issues or electrical shorting.

A key advantage of the YD-DGC-30 LED module is its built-in temperature sensor to prevent overheating. This technology helps prevent the sign from turning off or on due to fluctuations in ambient temperature – which could potentially damage its LEDs if exposed to extremes in both heat or cold. This technology makes the module particularly suitable for outdoor environments where temperature extremes could damage LEDs over time.

LED Drivers

LED channel letter lights require an adequate power supply. Our most commonly-used transformer, the 24V transformer, allows users to plug their sign directly into 120V, 230V or 277V systems without rewiring lights. For larger cabinet signs utilizing our LED lights we offer a 480V transformer.

These power supplies are built for long-term durability, meaning you can expect them to outlive neon alternatives. This means fewer service calls and maintenance appointments for signs with LEDs in them, and your lights may even withstand rough handling or road bumps much better.

Find the ideal LED driver for your sign project in our selection. Our options range from high-efficiency models with intelligent design features and power technologies to single color programmable sign drivers – making life simpler for Houston signage projects!

Our aluminum halo lit channel letter products include narrow 5-inch deep modules designed to fit in the backs of these narrow channels and create an effective lighting effect without using neon bulbs. They’re an ideal way to achieve sleek modern style while using functional lighting solutions.

Thin strip channels for letters 1-2″ wide can also be created using solid pieces of light diffusing acrylic, and then fitted with flexible LED tape strips. This type of application works well for indoor signs that don’t need to be as durable and weather resistant, such as those found outdoors; Principal LED and MaxBrite offer UL recognized strips suitable for this application.

For extended lifespan, select an LED module with protective housing. This helps protect the bulbs from dust, debris, and UV rays while also shielding against salty air which has the ability to accelerate deterioration of materials in nearby buildings. This factor is especially critical if your building is situated near bodies of water such as oceans.

LED Kits

Make the project easier with high-performance LED lighting for your channel letter sign by choosing a kit with all of the components necessary to complete it. Our kits include LED modules, transformers and wires hardwired into your existing 120V, 230V, 277V or 480V power supply circuit as well as detailed installation instructions with difficulty ratings, time estimates and material lists to make your project successful.

LEDs are well-known for their brightness and clarity, making them the ideal way to display your business name or logo. Customizable to suit any need with their selection of colors and effects available – you’re sure to create something truly distinctive with LED signage! Furthermore, their longer lifespan than neon or fluorescent bulbs saves on replacement costs over the life of your signage display.

Illuminated channel letters are an effective way to draw customers in, drawing their eyes in towards your storefront and draw them in closer. Customizable to any font, size or shape design requirement and featuring LED illumination inside each letter for easy visibility from afar, illuminated channel letters are a surefire way to attract attention quickly and draw customers into your store.

LED sign lighting options differ significantly from traditional options in that they do not contain breakable glass parts or mercury that could be hazardous when exposed to humans. Furthermore, they produce less heat and consume less energy, helping lower energy bills and maintenance expenses.

Your channel letters can be illuminated either from the front (known as face lit), or from behind (halo-lit). We offer a selection of aluminum halo lit channel letter signs from shallow can depths with routed acrylic faces to deep can depths that offer this service.

At SignLight(r) we also offer an impressive array of cabinet and light box sign lighting accessories, including our revolutionary LetterTrim technology that’s available both as retrofit solutions for existing signs or complete systems for brand new construction projects. Using these products you can turn LED signs into captivating displays that stand out day and night – something which cannot be achieved through simple lamppost displays alone.

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