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Channel Letters For Sale

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channel letters for sale

Channel letters can help your business stand out and grab passersby’s attention, while reinforcing brand recognition across marketing materials and creating consistency across your advertising strategies.

There is a wide selection of channel letter signs available for sale, with prices depending on which lighting and mounting option is chosen.


One of the great features of channel letters for sale is their versatility in terms of customization. You can get them in different sizes, colors and fonts to meet your branding and company style; additionally you have various illumination options including back and front-lit – making your signage more visible at night while helping people find your business more easily.

Signs are perfect for businesses of all types, including restaurants, retail stores and malls. In addition, they can help promote special events or discounts offered by your company as well as be customized with your logo and company name to create more lasting brand recall.

These signs can be constructed using various materials, from bent sheets of aluminum and diecut pieces of acrylic for the face, to LED lighting – making them energy-efficient and durable. Their eye-catching nature makes them great choices for business signage because they attract attention while remaining easy to read from a distance, drawing customers directly into your storefront and increasing sales.

Channel letter signage offers much more versatility than its static counterpart, being easily customized in various sizes. Indoors or outdoors, channel letter signs come with various lighting options–halo lit, front lit and back lit illumination options are all possible – making these signs an excellent choice for retailers, restaurants and professional offices.

Signs not only add visibility to your business building or storefront, they can also add elegance and sophistication. Perfect for advertising products and services, these signs can also be tailored to fit the design of the space in which they reside – especially important if your organization has its own distinctive logo or color scheme which needs to be included within its signage design.

Channel letters offer many advantages when it comes to installation. Their flat surface mount makes setup quick and painless; results are striking; maintenance costs remain minimal – creating excellent value for your dollar!


Channel letters for sale can help businesses build an eye-catching image. Available in various colors and designed to last as long as possible, channel letters are perfect for outdoor settings like shopping malls and business parks where vandalism or weather damage may be an issue. Made of heavy duty materials that withstand the elements, channel letters offer greater protection from vandals or weather.

There are various installation methods, including direct mounting and flush mounting signs. Direct mounted signs attach directly to walls while flush mounted ones hide all electrical wiring behind the wall for an aesthetically pleasing finish. Both options are durable and require very minimal upkeep while being highly visible from far distances.

Channel letters offer the added advantage of being customizable to any letter, number or character (including logo symbols) desired. They can also be illuminated if desired using LED’s – traditionally they were constructed using neon tubing – yet thanks to LEDs they have become much more cost-effective and economical solutions.

Channel letters stand out among other types of signs by being more arresting and creating depth that other signs cannot match, making them ideal for retail stores, restaurants and more. They can even be combined with monument or pylon signs for even greater impact!

Wall graphics can often be found adorning storefronts, strip malls and other commercial areas. Furthermore, they can be integrated into interior applications, such as lobby or reception areas of businesses.

Channel letters consist of four primary components: the return, face, back and lighting element. Typical channel letter returns are made out of coil aluminum sheeting; acrylic sheets typically make up their face while backs may either be aluminum or acrylic depending on whether or not a letter is halo lit; finally an LED strip embedded within its edges is usually the lighting element used for illumination.

Front lit channel letters are typically utilized by retailers. Next is reverse lit lettering which may be utilized by law firms, CPAs and other professional services companies. Finally there is dual lit lighting which incorporates both front and reverse illumination for optimal use in professional services settings.


Channel letters are one of the most recognizable signs on the market, making your business stand out from competitors. Highly customizable channel letters allow your business to create an eye-catching design that draws passersby in. Plus they can even be backlit for increased visibility at night!

Front Lit signs are the most frequently seen channel letter signs, consisting of an aluminum composite panel backing with custom painted lettering on its backside and translucent acrylic face. This design allows users to illuminate each individual letter using LED modules or neon tubing; they may also be reverse lit for an illuminated “halo” effect or Dual Lit for simultaneous front/back lighting.

These durable signs are built to last, making them an effective way to build brand recognition and drive sales. You can customize these signs with your name, phone number and other relevant details; furthermore they are weatherproof so can withstand harsh weather conditions without damage; they’re easy to maintain making them an economical and cost-effective advertising option.

Channel letters offer numerous advantages when it comes to mounting on buildings. From flush installation or raceway mounting, channel letters offer convenient mounting solutions with customizable finishes to make any sign stand out.

Your logo or graphics can even be made into channel letters to add depth and increase brand recognition. Furthermore, LED lighting used to illuminate these signs are long-lasting – keeping the brand visible even after many months have gone by!

Channel letters can provide businesses of all sizes with high visibility while being easy to install and quickly paying for themselves as more customers arrive at your storefront. Furthermore, channel letters can be customized to fit any budget – making them an excellent way to stand out against competition!


Branding involves instilling an idea or feeling about your company into customers’ minds that defines it, as part of marketing strategy. Channel letters provide an ideal means of doing this as they are easily recognized while customizable to reflect the look and feel of your business’s branding.

There are various styles of channel letter signs available to purchase, each offering distinct design options. FRONT LIT channels feature an acrylic front surface and aluminum backing with bulbs attached, to illuminate from within; REVERSE LIT letters feature backlight halo around each letter for increased visibility; while DUAL LIT channels combine front and reverse lighting elements for maximum visibility. All forms can also be customized with numerals, symbols or logos to provide an even more polished appearance.

Signs aren’t only used in storefronts; businesses utilize them in other parts of their buildings such as lobbies or malls as well. Furthermore, outdoor signs may also be mounted to buildings, poles or in more creative ways such as being suspended from ceiling canopies – they even make great rustic statement pieces!

Illuminating channel letters will increase their visibility at night and help customers find your business more quickly – this can be especially helpful for late-opening businesses in their local community.

An easily legible sign is essential for attracting attention, yet maintaining brand consistency across your materials and communications. Channel letter signs make this easier by being clearly legible from any distance with large font sizes that make reading the sign easy. Customize its colors and design to complement the rest of your branding to ensure more memorable signage that represents you effectively.

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