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LED Sign Installation Considerations

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led sign installation

Signs are incredible pieces of technology that allow us to access text, images, and videos from a distance in harsh outdoor conditions. However, finding an optimal mounting system for your digital sign must not only elevate it but also accommodate its electrical components safely.


Size matters when choosing an LED sign as it can directly impact the type of content and costs involved with using one. When it comes to sign selection, size matters both in terms of drawing attention to your message while not overwhelming its surroundings; choosing the appropriate size depends on where it will be installed – for instance a conference room requires audio/video displays; therefore selecting an LED sign capable of meeting this need would be ideal.

Your sign can be mounted on either a concrete surface or masonry wall by drilling holes and installing drywall anchors – small nails you can screw into the wall – such as screws. They come in various lengths and types – just make sure that they fit your project needs! Hammer them into place if necessary on masonry walls before placing your sign atop them; once complete, simply bolt into place, screw into its barrels, and plug in its power adapter!

To control an LED sign, you’ll require either a computer with internet access and/or wired data cable. Using either of these options enables remote access from an office or another location as well as multi-channel data configuration support (typical of Watchfire signs) which isolates messages between modules should one fail.

As well as selecting an LED sign’s physical dimensions, you must also decide on an apt pixel matrix to meet your location and audience needs. Pixel pitch – which measures distance between LED pixels – directly impacts display quality; typically smaller signs offer superior image quality at longer distances than larger signs with greater pixel pitches.

As part of your LED sign selection, consider its desired lifespan. While LEDs won’t burn out instantly, their illumination deteriorates gradually over time – this factor is known as “nit rating”, and having one with higher ratings ensures your sign remains readable for extended periods.


Bright LED signs are the key to being seen day after day, competing with the sun’s light to remain clearly visible for years on end. Our signs are among the brightest available on the market, ensuring their message stays visible all day long.

An LED sign is an effective way to attract new customers and promote specials and events. There is a wide range of colors and sizes to suit the needs of any business; use contrasting hues like red and blue for maximum attention-grabbing power; people will instinctively be drawn toward them as soon as they see it!

Conventional signage can be expensive and difficult to change; with digital display signs however, your message can be altered quickly and for as long as desired – saving both money and time, while eliminating the hassle associated with replacing conventional signs.

LED signs come in a range of colors to match your brand, and you can even order custom versions with logos and messages etched directly on them. Furthermore, their lifespan exceeds that of neon or traditional signage, saving on regular maintenance expenses.

If you want an LED sign that will stand out, look for one with high resolution and pixel pitch. Programmable through mobile app or software and waterproof to withstand harsh weather conditions, these signs come equipped with built-in lift’n shift wall mounts making installation quick and simple, saving money on additional mounting equipment costs. Furthermore, these signs can synchronize to display identical messages on both sides without the need for separate power sources – an ideal choice for restaurant owners!


Based on your business location, content type, and budgetary constraints, there are various methods for mounting an LED sign. Some require building an elaborate masonry structure while others are more straightforward; selecting the optimal mount will ensure your sign remains effective and safe.

When selecting an LED sign, it’s important to keep in mind how your message will be presented and the number of messages that need to run every day. Sign sizes and resolution will impact what type of content can be displayed – with smaller signs being better for text/logo displays while larger signs provide more flexibility. Furthermore, lighting conditions in your area will impact readability – something else worth keeping in mind when making this choice.

Make sure your LED sign can be read regardless of weather conditions by selecting one with a higher nit rating. Nit rating is an industry standard used to measure average brightness of signs across one square meter, accounting for factors like pixel pitch, matrix and viewable area for direct comparison between products from various manufacturers. A higher nit rating also means more energy efficiency – saving money over time!

An important consideration when purchasing an LED sign is how easy it will be to update. Most digital signs can be updated wirelessly using a computer, making it simple and seamless for adding fresh content or keeping your business message current. This feature will allow you to stay in contact with customers regularly while engaging them through engaging messaging.

An LED sign is an invaluable investment for your business, helping it stand out from competitors and attract more customers. For optimal safety, be sure to follow all installation and maintenance instructions, using appropriate wiring connections for the sign, so as to prevent electrical problems in the future.


When buying an LED sign, several factors should be kept in mind. From business and church use to other applications, the sign must be easily visible and easy-to-read – this means taking into account things such as pitch matrix viewing area considerations which will have an effect on how much text or detail can be displayed.

LED sign matrixes rely on pixels that measure vertically by horizontally to determine how much text or graphics can be displayed – this number of pixels is known as the resolution and it typically ranges between 6mm to 19mm; higher resolution means more text can be shown while lower resolution provides less pixels in a smaller grid.

Outside of these factors, a sign’s pitch and pixel density also influence its visual clarity. A higher pitch means narrower displays grids which result in clearer images with increased detail.

LED signs offer various mounting options, each of which offers its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Some types are better when mounted overhead while others require being displayed on walls or surfaces; other considerations, including viewing distance, traffic speed and zoning restrictions could all play into selecting an ideal mounting solution for you.

Lift’N Shift wall mounts are one of the most convenient ways to mount an LED sign, available on nearly all Signal-Tech signs (excluding DOT and SA Series) and allow users to easily shift or transport the sign. Furthermore, this mounting method makes changing up content on a sign simple and hassle free.

Another effective mounting option for LED sign displays is a double post mount, made of extruded aluminum. This mounting solution can support signs up to 26 inches wide, and it can be secured either with base plate mounts or directly in the ground using direct burial posts.

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