Thursday, October 15, 2009

Anaheim Sign Company announces all Sign Products to go Green!

Anaheim Signs announced the launch of their environmental friendly Signage Products. Their goal is to use low voltage LED Lighting in all the Electric Sign Products that they manufacture. The use of energy efficient ballasts and lighting will also be used in all monument and pole signs, where LED’s are not practical.
Anaheim, CA. October 14th, 2009 – Anaheim Sign Company today announced they will use only Low Voltage LED lighting, and energy efficient electronic ballasts to light all there Sign Products. By using these types of lighting in place of the traditional neon sign lighting, Owner Rick Hobbs states that,” business sign owners, can expect to save 90% of the energy consumed by their current sign.
Most existing signs are currently not energy efficient. Some of the ballasts and lighting, dates back up to 20 years, when energy efficiency, was not a concern.
Rick Hobbs of Anaheim Signs stated, "Our goal is to have every sign that we manufacture to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly. In fact when we go to service an existing sign we are recommending that are customers switch over to energy efficient sign lighting. With the current energy crisis and worries of global warming, the use of these products in Las Vegas alone would save an enormous amount of energy. We have already implemented the use of these products on about 50% of are currant signage products which can be seen at:
About Anaheim Sign Company:
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