Friday, February 24, 2017

UCs or CSUs for Transfer Student

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I'm a computer science major at Fullerton College interested in software engineering/development.

I've heard UCs are only for the smart people. The ones who go to grad school or write books or research. I've heard the CSUs are practical, but not as highly regarded.

People say that the economy has changed to where you should go to a UC. You want name recognition, even if it's the "dumbest" UC. That employers will compare identical resumes and pick UC every time for new grads. That a UC gets you $60k plus while a new CSU grad will have settle near poverty for around $30k in an entry level position. More people recruit from UCs. CSUs are for dumb people or people who could barely get into college. UC grads are more employed and employable than CSU grads (who only have practical knowledge, not theory).

Can any residents confirm or deny any of this? Does have even a highly marketable degree and skill set not matter in the face of where you went to school?

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