Thursday, February 9, 2017

I need to use someone's car to take DMV driving test $40

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I have a NH lisence and I lost my ID so I have to take the driving test because I don't have an ID to surrener. NH can't send me a replacement because i don't have my picture on file.I am unable to use my car because my driver side window doesn't work. The few friends that I have here work during the day and I don't want to force them to take time off. Im between jobs right now so I have an open schedule, let me know if you have time starting on Monday so I can book an appointment, they are usually booked a couple days out. We can do it at the DMV nearest to you. You must go with me to DMV , I need a lisenced driver with me to take the test. Please message me if you are available during the day early next week, I will pay you $40. Car must be registered and insured, all lights, blinkers, horn, windshield wipers, windows must work, no crack in windshield. I would greatly appreciate the favor, thank you!

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