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Become the Best in 2017 with 3M Installation Programs

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Become the Best in 2017 with 3M Installation Programs

Professional development and participation in continuing education are vital practices for the growth and advancement of both companies and individuals. Obtaining training and earning certification from 3M not only improves a shop’s expertise and reputation, but can also elevate an individual installer.

3M has developed a variety of expert-led programs for installers at all levels and continues to raise the standards for graphics installation through its 3M Advanced Installation Training course and its accreditation programs: 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company program, 3M Preferred Graphics Installer program, and 3M Endorsed Installer for 3M™ Knifeless Tape and Architectural Surfaces.

In the wake of so many companies and installers taking advantage of these opportunities in 2016, 3M has announced the following schedule for installation training and testing programs (See Below):

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In addition to St. Paul, 3M testing and training programs are offered throughout the country at the following locations:

• Lowen Certified; Hutchinson, KS
• Geek Wraps University; Fort Lauderdale, FL
• J3 Industries; Addison, TX
• Wrapix Academy; Burbank, CA

Visit www.3M.com/InstallationTraining for training dates.

“Earning certification through 3M’s installation programs is a great way to fine-tune your wrap skills and differentiate yourself from your peers,” said Marcio Oliveira, technical service supervisor for 3M Commercial Solutions Division. “Our courses are led by experts in the field, and will provide attendees with tools, knowledge and hands-on training that will take them to the next level of their profession.”

The 3M Advanced Installation Training program offers professional graphics training to improve installer’s skills and prepare them for 3M Certified or Preferred installation testing. Successful completion of the testing and program requirements provide 3M Certified Companies and 3M Preferred Installers networking opportunities with fellow industry peers, inclusion on the 3M Installer Locator and rights to the 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company or 3M Preferred Graphics Installer titles.

In 2016, many companies and individual installers enrolled in 3M Installation Programs to better hone their skills and knowledge, and obtain certification after thorough testing and evaluation. The following companies are the latest to have earned the title of 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company:

• Cortez Visual Communications - Gilbert, AZ
• FASTSIGNS of Glendale - Glendale, WI
• Performance Signs, LLC - Ruckersville, VA
• Reidler Decal Corporation - St. Clair, PA

• SS Graphics (Soto and Sons) – West Covina, CA
• SS Graphics, LLC. Cypress – TX
• WrapThatCar, Cherry Hill – NJ
• Action Signs and Banners, LLC. - Ft. Collins, CO
• Wraps Ink, Inc. - Murrells Inlet, SC
• TradeWraps, LLC. - Manassas, VA
• SeifertTransitGraphics - Oriskany, NY
• Key Pacific - San Diego, CA
• Boston Barricade Company - Vero Beach, FL
• The Sign Palace, Inc. - Elk Grove Village, IL
• Streamline Designs - North Tonawanda, NY

The following individuals are the latest to have earned the title of 3M Preferred Graphics Installer:

• Kris Gille, Adam Hegge, Stanton Sonnier, James Bacon, and Narayan Andrews

3M Endorsed Installer for Knifeless Tape Training and Testing focuses on high-end installations using 3M Knifeless Tape and 3M graphic films. The Knifeless Endorsed Installer title and accompanying knowledge will enable installers to increase the value they deliver to their customers and help differentiate their business from the competition.

The following individuals are the latest to have earned the title of 3M Endorsed Installer for 3M Knifeless Tape:

• Phil Aquin, Jamie Mullican, Carlos Alverio, Jim Miller, Jeremy Conner, Kenneth Tonn, Russell Voigt, Adam Sumner, Ole Solskin Ravn, Paul Aquin, Phil Birdseye, Rafal Zmuda, Tadashi Kariya, Ingram Johnson, Kiss Lajos, Chad Parrish, Kevin Kempf, and Caroline Shaw

The 3M Endorsed Architectural Installer Program is designed to give installers the tools and techniques needed to confidently apply 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes in an interior design setting. By offering comprehensive training and rigorous testing, 3M recognizes and rewards installers’ investment to become skilled DI-NOC applicators.

The following individuals are the latest to have earned the title of 3M Endorsed Architectural Installer:

• Adam Sumner, Chad Parrish, Kevin Kempf, Caroline Shaw, Luis Tirado, Scott Goehrung, Craig Sanford, Kenneth Robertson, George Throckmorton, Darin Williams, Mike Wooldridge, Darren Dees, Joshua Marquart, Justin Pate, Keith Plamondon, Brad Rapone, Sino Tour, Nick Danzig, Stephen Kim, Shane Lloyd, Justin Carlson, Blasie Clark, Shelly Phoenix, Khuram Shazad, and Jim White

For more information on the 3M Graphics Installer Training and Testing programs and additional dates and training locations, please visit 3M.com/InstallationTraining.

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