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Graphic Sign Designer for Business Advertising.

Graphic Sign Designer for Business Advertising.

The economic interdependence of business signs for buildings, advertising digital signage and website advertising can be reflected in the similar design of their outdoor business signs and other advertising mediums. Each particular unique business sign can have the same headlines, text  and the same kind of illustrations. As graphic business signage and advertising depended increasingly on images – the ‘art’ element – their reproduction and the layout as a whole became the responsibility of an ‘graphic sign designer’.

In America, graphic art direction preceded the profession of graphic design for company signage. The Graphics Arts Directors Club of New York was founded in 1920. The yearly exhibition and the publication of its Annual helped the recognition of graphic designers whose work was not in itself advertising, such as letterheads and signage display material.

If Europeans admired America’s dynamic commercial signage designs, Americans looked to Europe for modern culture and sophistication for design concepts. Scouting for talent in Europe, the New York publisher Conde Nast found these qual­ities embodied in one of his own staff, the Russian-born Mehemed Fehmv Agha, who was at that time working for the German edition of Vogue in Berlin. In 1929 Conde Nast brought him to America as art director for Vogue, House and Garden and ‘the Kaleidoscope Review of Modern Life’, Vanity Fair. As art director, Agha took control of the magazines, even contributing photographs and articles himself.

Wegweiser Marloffstein - Ebersbach

Image by markus spiske via Flickr

He introduced Parisian chic and German experience, ‘bleeding’ photographs off the edge of the page and using ‘duotones’ (black-and-white photographs printed in two colours). In 1932 he used a full-colour photograph in Vogue for the first time. He had a complete understanding of photographic and sign printing techniques, and was aware of the avant-garde, He encouraged his designers to plunder the treasures of ‘the temple of Constructivism’.

He introduced the double-spread grid sheet and dummy type so that accurate pasted-up layouts could be produced instead of rough designs drawn in pencil. He was also the first to see a magazine as a series of double-page spreads rather than a sequence of individual pages. He introduced ways of setting text to echo adjacent photographs and of using some consistent device to link the pages of a single feature to make a distinct unit within the magazine. He would plan the issue before any pictures were taken, and employed the best photo­graphers of the period, including Edward Steichen, George Hoyningen-Huene from Germany and the young Cecil Beaton from England.

Anaheim Signs- Custom Business Sign Maker

Anaheim Signs- Custom Business Sign Maker

The covers of Vanity Fair were usually the work of painters, includ­ing Raoul Dufy, and business design illustrators, notably Paolo Garretto. For the July 1934 issue, Garretto represented intellectuals in government by placing an academic cap and spectacles on the Washington Capitol. Such juxta­position of symbols has since become a convention of graphic sign design. The masthead (the title on the front of the magazine) rarely departed from bold sans-serif capitals, but was varied to appear in outline only, with shadows, or in lights, flowers or flags.

Full-colour photographic covers identify Agha as the original mod­ern art director. The graphic tone of the image had to represent the mag­azine’s contents, but the artifice behind the elegance of the image, the attention to every detail so that it contributed to the total effect, needed, and then applied to all future business sign designs.


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Lighted Business Sign Made in Orange County

Lighted Business Sign Made in Orange County

Looking for a lighted business sign made in Orange County for any service, retail or merchandising firm? Frequently these companies have a need for graphic signage design and don’t know where to turn to get it. They might need a quick digital printed ad­vertisement, an annual promotinal sign, a complete business signage makeover, or a new business logo produced in the reception area. Having your name and talent on file, especially if you possess skills such as providing manufacturing and installation services, can mean getting the full assignment of design work instead of it being turned over to an art studio, ad agency or PR firm. Be sure all of your local busi­nesses know that you can fill their design needs if you like this type of business.

Lighted Business Sign Made Orange County

Lighted Business Sign Made Orange County


One of the hazards of free-lancing is that you fall on your face alone; one of the pleasures is that you succeed alone. There’s no one else to blame when something goes wrong, but there’s no one else deserving the praise when everything is perfect.

Everyone, no matter how famous, has had to deal with rejection, that thudding “No, thank you” to your tal­ent and skill. It’s simply a part of the business, an aspect to which you eventually become accustomed. But it’s still hard to deal with and—espe­cially if there are several rejections in a row—it can be depressing.


A local Los Angeles free-lance graphic artist who opened her own business in 1976, was agency-trained and learned many graphic-arts skills through hands-on experience, She wrote:

“I started out working on a small throw-away newspaper for which I sold display advertising. I would approach a client and say, “You’ll get this size ad for this much money. What do you want in it?” They’d tell me what they wanted in it and ask me what it would look like. So I started sketching the ideas for an ad in the little squares that were going to rep­resent what they were going to get in the paper. These sketches were turned over to the typesetter and printer. One day I got a call from him and he said, ‘I love your layouts.’ My response was, ‘Great. What’s a layout?’ ”

From this dubious beginning, Kay went on to work at another newspaper, where she learned about typography from typesetting to type spacing, and from there to an ad agency where “the art director was very kind. He took me under his wing and said, ‘If you want to learn, I’ll teach you,’ and that’s how I got my education. I was there for five years and in the beginning worked some horrendous hours with incredible deadlines, but eventually was responsi­ble for releasing pieces running in the millions of copies.”

Because of her background, today Kay is able to offer her clients all art services except printing. “I’ll do any­thing—design, layout, illustration, photo retouching, color-cutting, paste-up. One of the reasons I’m successful is that I have a broad range of talent and enough education to get the job done.”

Most of Kay’s clients are individual companies that come to her with a spe­cific need, such as a brochure or an an­nual stockholder’s report, and her client list has expanded so much that she turns away jobs. When it comes to lighted business signs, Anaheim Signs has the ability to design, manufacture and install any type of business sign you may need. Fill out our quick quote form for business sign design today.


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Company Sign Design – Presenting Your Work

When presenting business sign ideas to your prospective company sign buyers, have all your sign materials at your fingertips even if this requires a small briefcase or small bag in addition to your portfolio. Don’t walk in weighed down with large, awkward cases or numerous cardboard rolls containing original signage posters. You’ll appear both overwhelming and disorganized.
Your sign design portfolio should fit comfortably in the space available on the reviewer’s desk (one reason your portfolio preferably should not be larger than 20″ by 30″). The potential buyer should be able to review your sign work without another word from you.



If you have an information sheet point out its location in your portfolio or hand it to him as he begins. If he’s interested enough to go through your signage portfolio to the end (if your work is absolutely inappropriate, he probably won’t bother), the reviewer should find your resume placed there (either loose or in a protective sheet) so that he can immediately move to reviewing your background and experience.
Questions are bound to be asked. Some art buyers ask first, then look; other ask while they’re looking; still others wait until they’re all finished reviewing your sign work. Keep your mouth closed and let your sign work do the talking until the reviewer asks a question. Take your cue from him; don’t distract him with superfluous comments just because you’re nervous.

Use this “empty” time to look around the office, what kind of flyers, business cards, brochures are on the bulletin board? If none, with what has he surrounded himself? What kind of an impression is he giving you: terrifically organized or wildly frantic? This can be important information when it comes time to understand an assignment or have business dealings with him. It may also be helpful in planning a follow up mailing to supply something to be posted where it can be seen frequently.
If your portfolio is in slides, you’ll have less opportunity merely to sit and observe.

It’s good to find out ahead of time if your potential client has viewing facilities, but the smart graphic signage artist always takes a small handheld viewer to appointments “just in case.” Hand viewers are not expensive; many are battery operated and provide a back light and a small magnifying screen. You don’t want your appointment to go down the tubes because the reviewer’s projector bulb burned out that morning; a viewer gives you an alternative to a light table or the light from a window or desk lamp.
The physical arrangement of the office may dictate how much of a role you play in the slide viewing, but generally speaking stay in the background physically. Usually you’ll be able to give a verbal description during the viewing; if the art buyer doesn’t want this, have your information sheet available. Some reviewers will place your slides on a light table and quickly scan them, selecting only a few to view blown up.

This is disappointing when you’ve gone to the trouble of organizing them and when people like me are telling you the importance of sequence, but there’s not much you can do about it. Be thankful she was interested enough to pull some of them out. It’s most frustrating when reviewers use only the light table with no magnification because you know much of the impact and detail of your sign work isn’t being seen.
Once the interview is over (take your cue from the buyer), tell the company sign buyer how much and why you’d like to freelance for her and present your leave behind packet, Only when it’s quite obvious that there’s absolutely no interest in your work should you not present materials for the files. Even then there’s reason to leave one or more samples, just in case, sign designs have a tremendous attrition rate and what one hates, the next one may like. It never hurts to be on file. Anaheim Signs.

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Use you imagination in Business marketing.

As with any business, the graphic signage design scene is evolving and growing. Computers have entered the sign designers  life, not to replace you, but to give you the means of creating a different type of business signage designs  more quickly. Electronic design media are opening doors to creativity undreamed of twenty years ago.

lighted building letters made

lighted building letters made

As the business changes, your marketing and promotional efforts can change with them. Don’t be afraid to open your eyes to untested areas for advertising your business. Explore the possibilities and costs of renting a billboard, running ads in newspapers and general-circulation magazines, starting your own newsletter for businesses, buying airtime on radio or a Yellow Pages ad, placing an ad on a local cable TV station or a listing on a computer bulletin board. And one of the simplest is to update or replace your business signage.

Just because these outlets are not frequently used by local business, doesn’t mean they can’t be. You might have to be the first—but you’ll be remembered. Today’s business competition sometimes means we have to risk standing out from all the rest, not only in our talent but also in letting clients know it exists. Use your imagination in your marketing and promotional efforts’ as you do in your business signage, and see how far it takes you.


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Company Sign Marketing

Company Sign Marketing

The lifeblood of any Internet online marketer is their list. If you have an opt in e-mail list then you are resting on piles of cash, if you correctly utilize your list then your earning potential is extremely high.

As many individuals ask “How do I build a list?” the following points describes some of the best methods for building your email list.

1) Newsletter/ E-zine

We are in the Information Age and so individuals are desperate for info. Everybody is so busy with their lives they don’t have time to find the info on their own. Release a newsletter in your niche that has lots of valuable content and you will get individuals flocking to you to sign up.

2) E-Courses

Individuals are starving for information, so a free e-course will encourage individuals to part with their email address. Create at least a 7 part course that is provided every few days into their inbox. Of course, the e-course also subtly sells your item!

3) Articles

Compose articles and distribute them to article directory sites. Include your newsletter sign up in the resource box and if you have provided excellent quality content, you will get the visitors who will sign up for more information.

4) Free Books

A complimentary e-book is an excellent way to develop your list. It doesn’t have to be a legendary tome, just important info that individuals will exchange their e-mail address for. You can write one yourself or get one ghostwritten for you. Make certain though that it is details that your visitors will wish to have, and make sure you have actually consisted of links to your items and websites in the book. You can also consist of affiliate links to additional increase your revenues.

5) Free Membership Site

Creating a totally free subscription site is an outstanding way to get individuals’s email addresses. Deal important content totally free but just to registered members. You can then upsell them other items or other levels of membership with more items and more resources offered to them.

6) Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is a pre-sales letter page where you record a person’s e-mail address before they proceed to view your sales letter. This is supposedly very effective and you can likewise personalise the sales letter with their name or other information from the squeeze page.

7) Pop Up

Appear windows, particularly distinct and various windows, can be really efficient at convincing individuals to sign up for your newsletter. These can either pop up as the visitor enters your website, or when they leave, advising them to register for more details.

8) Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is where you distribute something of value that individuals wish to pass to all their pals. It may be a video, a book, a video game or anything comparable. Nevertheless, whatever it is, it has your web address in it so people can sign up for specials and come for  your newsletter and get more details.

9) Free Giveaways

A very popular new approach of list building are the big Internet giveaways where great deals of individuals submit products that are readily available for free in exchange for a newsletter sign up. These are outstanding methods to rapidly develop your list– though know that giveaway candidates may not make for the most responsive of lists.

10) Sign up rewards

Deal your visitors a reward if they register for your newsletter, e.g. “20% off XYZ for readers” or a variety of e-books or reports that will be of interest to them.

Utilizing these 10 basic methods you can construct your list then leverage their earning power.

Release a newsletter in your niche that is full of important content and you will get people gathering to you to sign up.

People are starving for details, so a totally free e-course will convince individuals to part with their e-mail address. A complimentary e-book is an outstanding way to construct your list. Developing a complimentary membership website is an excellent method to get people’s e-mail addresses. Whatever it is, it has your web address in it so individuals can come and sign up to your newsletter and get more information.

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