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LexJet Expands Line of Print Protection Products with ClearShield

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LexJet Expands Line of Print Protection Products with ClearShield

LexJet is pleased to announce the launch of ClearShield™ Thermal Laminates, which includes twenty new products with a variety of thicknesses and finishes. Ranging from 3 mil to 15 mil with luster, matte, gloss, smooth, textured and opaque finishes, this line of thermal laminates provide extra protection for a wide range of applications, from menus to tradeshows.

Many of the ClearShield™ thermal laminates replace former products, and the new line has been re-engineered to provide higher quality and clearer finishes at a lower cost.

“With our expanded line of print protection products, we’ve got our customers covered with the largest variety of thermal, liquid and pressure-sensitive products available on the market,” says LexJet product specialist, Kara Work. “And the great news is that with ClearShield™, we’re offering better low-melt products at lower price … to the tune of a 30- to 50-precent cost reduction.”

Two all-new products to the market include ClearShield™ 3 Mil SoftFeel Low Melt and ClearShield™ 5 Mil SoftFeel Low Melt, which provide an elegant, scuff-resistant finish to luxury packaging, fine art prints and menus. “With our new SoftFeel thermal laminates, we can offer printers the option to produce customized, shorter runs with a zero-glare, non-textured, soft velvety feel that they could only get with high-volume graphic finishing in the past.”

LexJet’s thermal laminates provide high clarity, increased bond strength, superior resistance to abrasion, water, oil, acid and alkali and are perfect for high-production runs on bond inkjet paper, microporous-coated inkjet paper, electrostatic and continuous tone photographic prints. Thermal laminates work perfectly on any microporous coated paper/polyester, and are also suitable for hybrid and microporous coatings.

The new ClearShield™ products include:


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