Monday, February 20, 2017

Approached by a couple in Homegoods... Possible Scam or MLM Scheme in oC?

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TLDR: My wife and I have been approached on two occasions by nice people at Homegoods stores in Brea and Costa Mesa that asked us about our careers and then wanted to introduce us to their "mentors" that retired at obscenely young ages. What's the scam or scheme here? Has anyone else been approached?

My wife and I were shopping at the Homegoods in Brea and were approached by a woman that asked some questions about the furniture we were looking at. She quickly moved the conversation towards her career aspirations and talked about her mentors that retired early and have all the time in the world. She said if we're serious we should connect for coffee. I gave her my business card, but didn't respond to her text messages as it felt like a strange sales presentation. I'm happy to PM her name and info to see if you've been approached by her. She's an attractive woman, African American, mid to late 30s, and a former news reporter.

A few months later, after my wife and I had moved to Costa Mesa, I was approached by I guy in the Costa Mesa Homegoods. We chatted about our wives doing all of the shopping for the home and how we're sometimes dragged along. Then my wife and his wife joined the conversation. They are Vanguard University graduates and live near us in CM. We talked about the local church they attend and that we were looking for a church in the area as well. We had a great conversation and the couple seemed very genuine. I asked the guy for his number and said we should grab coffee sometime. A couple months later (we hadn't been able to setup coffee because of travel schedules) he called me asking about work and if I'm happy with my job. I told him I'm happy and that I have a lot of opportunity this year that I'm looking forward to. He pressed again saying that there's more than the basic 9-5 and he and his wife were being mentored by a couple that used to work in large corporations but have now retired in their 20s. He asked if I was interested in meeting with them and I politely declined. The conversation ended on a pretty normal note about still meeting up to grab coffee. Again, happy to PM their info to see if you have been approached by them, but they are in their mid twenties and are good looking white people.

I'm curious what kind of scam, MLM or marketing scheme is going on here. Out of the handful of times I've been to Homegoods with my wife we've been approached twice by strangers that seem to have good intentions but then want to introduce us to their mentors that have retired at a ridiculously young age. What's the scam? Also, has anyone else been approached?

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